Ordering Vegan at Starbucks Is Easy With These Tips and Tricks
Ordering Vegan at Starbucks Is Easy With These Tips and Tricks

Ordering Vegan at Starbucks Is Easy With These Tips and Tricks

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

We all know Starbucks: that huge American coffee company and coffeehouse chain that grew from a small store in Seattle to the world’s third-largest quick-service chain by number of locations. With about 30,000 Starbucks around the globe, you can find one almost anywhere.

Well, coffee addicts and tea lovers rejoice because vegan-friendly drinks and snacks abound at Starbucks! From holiday and summer favorites to everyday caffeine fixes, ordering vegan is a breeze.

Vegan Drinks at Starbucks

Milk Options


The first one is easy! Just switch out dairy milk for one of these plant-based options:

  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut milk

Skip These

Many, many drinks on the Starbucks menu can be made vegan. Simply ask your barista to skip these non-vegan ingredients:

  • Whipped cream
  • Caramel drizzle
  • Cinnamon Dolce sprinkles
  • Java chips
  • Non-vegan protein powder (Ask that it be swapped for plant-based protein powder!)

Sadly, a few drinks cannot be made vegan (yet!) because they contain either cow’s milk or honey. Make sure you avoid any drinks made with pumpkin spice, caramel brulée, and white mocha, as well as chai lattes that are not brewed with Teavana chai tea.

Pro tip: Clear syrups, which are the vast majority of the syrups, are usually vegan. Sauces, such as caramel sauce or white chocolate sauce, are usually not (but try the delicious vegan mocha sauce!).

Vegan Food at Starbucks


Starbucks offers a delightful assortment of vegan-friendly foods! While some options may vary depending on the store, here are a few yummy vegan treats to look out for:


  • Vegan Superberry Açai

Purée of blueberry, banana, raspberry, apple, and açai topped with crunchy granola, toasted coconut, and pepitas

  • Lentils & Vegetable Protein Bowl With Brown Rice

Protein-rich bowl of lentils, butternut squash, and roasted tomatoes served over brown rice and topped with lemon-tahini dressing and crunchy sunflower seeds

  • Classic Oatmeal

Blend of rolled and steel-cut oats with dried fruit, nuts, and brown sugar as optional toppings

  • Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal

Blend of rolled and steel-cut oats topped with blueberries and agave syrup


  • Plain
  • Sprouted grain
  • Cinnamon-raisin
  • Blueberry


  • Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
  • Justin’s Classic Almond Butter
  • Avocado spread


  • “That’s It.” fruit bars
  • Raw granola bars
  • Kind bars (the ones without honey)
  • Mixed nuts
  • Roasted almonds
  • Dang Sriracha Spice Sticky-Rice Chips
  • Sea salt potato chips
  • Hippeas
  • Fruit salad


  • Emmy’s Organic Coconut Cookies
  • Bissinger’s 75% Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Mini Chocolates
  • Charles Chocolates Caramelized Crisped Rice Bar
  • Dark chocolate bars
  • Macadamia-oat cookie

Fantastic vegan options from Starbucks aren’t limited to its cafes. Just this year the company announced that it would launch almond-milk espresso drinks at grocery stores!

Want even more vegan options at Starbucks? A little praise and encouragement never hurts, so please take a moment to thank Starbucks and ask for even more dairy-free and meat-free options! You can leave a Facebook message here.