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Hear why members of the ChooseVeg community went vegan or vegetarian, cut back on meat, or began eating more plant-based meals.

Robert A

United States Marine, 53

I was raised and worked on livestock farms in Iowa, joined the Marine Corps at 19, and worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods...

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Michelle Morro

Marketing executive, 29

As a lover of animals all my life, I had no idea that my daily choices promoted animal abuse. Like so many others, I saw no connection...

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Elizabeth Thomason

Professor, 37

I have been vegetarian since I was 11 years old. I always considered animals “my friends” and just couldn't understand why...

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Physical education teacher, 34

I am a physical education teacher, former college basketball player, and current amateur jiu-jitsu competitor. I am also an avid...

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