Corporate Engagement

ChooseVeg: Working with Companies to Facilitate the Future of Food

Learn about how your business can thrive through plant-based innovation.

The Benefits of Prioritizing Plant-Based Options

Broadens total addressable market
Accelerates progress toward ESG commitments
Reduces supply-chain risks
Bolsters menu inclusivity
Boosts foot traffic
Drives sales and profits

The Future Is Plant-Based

Over half (52%) of respondents in a recent survey of American consumers agree that “the future of food is plant-based”—and with good reason. Plant-based menu options appeal to customers looking to lessen their environmental impact, improve their health, and reduce harm to animals. It’s no wonder the global market for plant-based foods is expected to more than double by 2029.

Demand for innovative plant-based options is booming. From 2021 to 2022, the percentage of consumers looking to reduce meat consumption grew from 15% to 21%, and the number of U.S. consumers who follow a plant-based eating pattern increased 12%.

The growing demand for plant-based foods is not limited to vegans and vegetarians. Consumer research reveals that the main consumer category for plant-based foods is people who identify as meat eaters. And research suggests that 41% of meat-eating Americans consume a vegetarian dish at least once a week. According to a recent consumer survey, flexitarianism, which promotes reducing but not eliminating meat consumption, is rising year over year.

How ChooseVeg Can Help

We collaborate with forward-thinking companies throughout 
the food industry to create a healthier, more sustainable food system through plant-based innovation. Our team offers 100% free resources and consultancy to companies looking to increase the presence and success of plant-based options on their menus.

We work hand in hand with companies every step of the way:
Education and Expert Insights
  • Delivering virtual educational presentations to your leadership team that communicate the business case for plant-based menu options
  • Providing industry insights into what other companies in your sector are doing to integrate plant-based menu-building into their sustainability strategies
  • Connecting you directly with subject-matter experts from the fields of lifestyle medicine, food science, sustainability, plant-based cuisine, and more
Development of Novel Plant-Based Menu Options
  • Consulting on menu strategy
  • Creating sample recipes and menus
  • Introducing you directly to innovative plant-based suppliers and preparing bespoke supplier dossiers
  • Furnishing environmental impact estimates for your existing and prospective menu options
Setting Plant-Based Options Up for Success
  • Providing research-backed guidance on steering customers toward sustainable and nutritious menu options
  • Creating digital-marketing assets free for use in stores or online
  • Optimizing menu design and choice architecture to make your plant-based options stand out
Celebrating Your Plant-Based Progress
  • Promoting new plant-based menu options via our social media channels and email distributions
  • Creating collaborative marketing content
Are you a food-industry leader interested in leveraging plant-based options to help your business succeed?