Here Are 7 Things That Prove the U.K. Is Definitely Going Vegan
Here Are 7 Things That Prove the U.K. Is Definitely Going Vegan

Here Are 7 Things That Prove the U.K. Is Definitely Going Vegan

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Lately it seems like I’m seeing article after article highlighting another amazing vegan win in the United Kingdom. While my home in the States is pretty dang vegan-friendly, I’ve been surprised and excited about the number of great new vegan options showing up at grocery stores and on restaurant menus across Europe, especially in the U.K.

In a new piece titled “Veganism: Why is it on the up?” BBC News explains:

The U.K. market for meat-free foods was reportedly worth £572m in 2017, according to market researchers Mintel, up from £539m only two years earlier. Interest in vegetarian and vegan products shows no sign of slowing down, as retail sales are expected to increase to £658m by 2021.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are seven signs that the U.K. is going vegan:

1. Vegan Steaks Galore

In May, Tesco, the first supermarket chain in the world and the largest supermarket chain in Europe, announced plans to sell a plant-based steak at more than 400 locations. Within just one week of launching, the steak nearly sold out at 40,000 units! Vivera, creator of the steak, expects to produce several million in 2018 alone, with plans to expand the product’s range to other countries, including Germany and France, toward the end of the year.

2. Vegan Families Are on the Rise

According to a new poll, one in 12 U.K. parents is raising vegan children. The company surveyed over 2,200 people with children under 12. All the parents of vegan children said they were also vegan, with 61 percent saying the main reason for ditching animal products was health and 35 percent saying it was for ethical reasons concerning animal welfare.

3. Starbucks UK Is a Vegan Paradise

This year alone, Starbucks has added a ton of yummy vegan options to its food menu in the U.K., including two new wraps—a falafel and slaw wrap and a kale, jalapeño, and slaw wrap—as well as a few new desserts, including a chocolate-raspberry cake and a mango with lime fruit pot.

4. Vegan Burgers Are Outselling Their Meaty Counterparts

British supermarket Iceland released its own vegan burgers! The No Bull burgers—made with soy—have been outselling wagyu beef since April! After the success of these vegan burgers “that bleed,” the chain is working to expand its vegan range!

5. KFC Is Launching a Vegetarian Chicken Alternative

Vowing to remove 20 percent of the calories per serving from its food by 2025, Kentucky Fried Chicken plans to test a vegetarian alternative to chicken in the U.K. and Ireland! Yep, you read that right. The world-famous fried chicken chain sees the writing on the wall: People want healthier choices, and they want animals to be treated fairly.

6. Pizza Hut Now Offers Vegan Pizzas

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut—the world’s largest pizza chain—announced plans to run a trial offering of vegan cheese at select U.K. locations. After the trial’s incredible success, the company rolled out vegan cheese at all locations, saying, “We’re excited to be offering Violife’s award-winning dairy-free cheese alternative in all of our restaurants!”

7. Sainsbury’s Is Launching a Vegan Line

Iceland isn’t the only grocer offering its own plant-based meat. Sainsbury’s—the second-largest supermarket chain in the U.K.—recently announced plans to launch 20+ new vegan products, including plant-based meat and ready-made meals. These will be offered alongside their animal-based counterparts in the meat section.

And these are just a handful of the many things vegan Brits have to be excited about. Don’t live in the U.K.? Odds are good there are some fantastic vegan restaurants in your area and some grocery stores that sell plant-based alternatives to meat and other animal products.

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