New Report: The Fastest-Growing Vegan Meats by Product and Type

New Report: The Fastest-Growing Vegan Meats by Product and Type

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Is it vegan chicken or fish? Burger patties or nuggets? A new report details the fastest-growing vegan meats by product and type! 

Plant-based meat is on the rise! According to a new report by Future Market Insights, the global plant-based meat market is expected to grow from $4.7 billion in 2022 to $7.4 billion by the end of 2032.

This rise is reportedly based on several factors, including the growing popularity of veganism, the increasing versatility of plant-based meat, and the health benefits associated with animal-free products. A lead analyst at Future Market Insights stated:

Plant-based meat is a versatile ingredient that has a wide array of applications. With rising health awareness and lactose intolerance, consumers are shifting towards plant-based meat owing to its organic and natural characteristics, which will push growth in the market.

Here are the fastest-growing plant-based meat types:


Chickens raised for meat are often bred to grow so large so fast they can’t support their weight. On top of that, our undercover investigations into chicken farms have revealed countless birds suffering from open wounds and broken bones. Choosing plant-based chicken over animal meat can spare birds a lifetime of suffering. 


Mercy For Animals’ recent undercover investigation into a pig factory farm reveals pregnant pigs confined to cramped crates, pigs with bulging organs after labor, and days-old piglets having their tails cut off without painkillers. Plant-based pork brings the world one step closer to eliminating these atrocities. 


Cattle raised for beef are forced to endure excruciating procedures, such as dehorning, branding, and castration, often without painkillers. Delicious plant-based beef offers the same texture and flavor without the cruelty.


As wild fish populations collapse from overfishing, the use of unsanitary and inhumane fish farms is rapidly growing. Either way, fish and the environment suffer. Incredible products like Gardein’s f’sh filets will blow your mind and help change the world for aquatic animals.  

Here are the fastest-growing plant-based meat products:

  • Burger patties
  • Nuggets
  • Sausages
  • Strips
  • Meatballs
  • Grounds
  • Tenders
  • Cutlets

Not only are plant-based meats better for your body, but they take a significantly smaller toll on the earth. Vegan meats need less water and land to produce than animal meat and have a much smaller carbon footprint.

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