Breaking: New Vegan Kraft Singles Launching Nationwide

Breaking: New Vegan Kraft Singles Launching Nationwide

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Kraft is releasing three flavors of its new vegan cheese slices nationwide! Available in American, provolone, and cheddar, NotCheese will be rolling out through summer to stores—and vegan burgers—around the country. Look for them in the plant-based and dairy aisles of your local grocery store!

NotCheese slices are classic Kraft singles reimagined, made with water, coconut oil, modified starch, and chickpea protein. The tasty new offerings are the product of a joint venture between The Kraft Heinz Company and The Not Company (NotCo).

NotCheese slices debuted last year for a limited test run in Ohio, where they quickly became a hit. In fact, a reported 91% of shoppers interviewed shared overwhelmingly positive impressions of NotCheese. NotCo’s head of marketing and strategy, Katie Pekarek, elaborated on the test’s success:

The decision to expand nationally was based on our successful Cleveland test market that ran for 16 weeks starting in November 2022. Kraft NotCheese Slices quickly became the #1 branded plant-based slice in dollar sales.

According to Pekarek, “plant-based is one of the fastest growing segments in food and beverage, exceeding total food sales growth by three times.” This shift in consumer demand has not gone unnoticed from other major dairy brands.

Earlier this year, Babybel launched the first plant-based version of its famed wax-wrapped cheese. Bite-size and made with only a few simple ingredients, the vegan mozzarella cheese makes a delicious on-the-go snack.

Just last year, cream cheese giant Philadelphia launched its first “vegan Philly.” Today, Philadelphia dairy-free cream cheese can be found in original, strawberry, and chive and onion.

In November of 2020, huge dairy brand Boursin released a completely plant-based garlic-and-herb cheese spread. Bob Goldberg, founder and CEO of Follow Your Heart, said then, “We’re truly delighted to see this savory treat now available to dairy-free consumers and those thinking of taking their own leap into dairy-free.”

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Cover Photo: Kraft Heinz