Vegan Coffee Creamer Sales Are Up 131 Percent—Here Are the Best Ones to Try.
Vegan Coffee Creamer Sales Are Up 131 Percent—Here Are the Best Ones to Try.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Sales Are Up 131 Percent—Here Are the Best Ones to Try.

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

A recent Bloomberg article highlights the vegan food industry’s exceptional growth, with retail data from Nielsen that reveals plant-based food sales overall, including sales of meat, dairy, and egg alternatives such as Beyond Meat, nut milks, and dairy-free ice cream, rose 20 percent over the past year to more than $3.3 billion.

Among products that saw even more remarkable growth is the vegan coffee creamer, with an impressive boom of 131 percent since last year!

While several vegan brands offer creamer varieties made with soy, almond, coconut, and more, a move by mainstream companies is underway to include dairy-free offerings. Early last year, Nestlé’s Coffee-Mate announced a new line of all-vegan creamers that are now widely available at grocers.

With all these amazing products on the market, it might be hard to pick one. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite vegan coffee creamers that you can find at a store near you:

• Califia Farms Pecan Caramel Creamer

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Made with almond cream and coconut, the pecan caramel variety is smooth, not too sweet, and perfect for people who are allergic to soy.

• Wildwood Original Creamer

Super creamy, light, and not sweet at all, this classic soy creamer is dairy-free and made from organic soy milk.

• So Delicious Coconut Milk French Vanilla Creamer

This creamer is no exception to the delicious dairy alternatives So Delicious is famous for. With a heavy coconut flavor, this variety is great for people who like their coffee on the sweeter side.

• Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Caramel Almond Milk Creamer

Yes, this has everything you want and nothing you don’t. These relatively new offerings from Coffee-Mate are some of the best on the market.

• Califia Farms Better Half Creamer

Made with coconut cream and almond milk, this is your pick if you’re looking for an unsweetened vegan creamer.

• Silk Vanilla Creamer

Besides varieties by Coffee-Mate, this vegan creamer is probably one of the most widely available. It’s not too sweet and it also comes in hazelnut. If you like soy in your coffee, it’s an excellent choice.

• Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Sweet Crème Coconut Milk Creamer

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This variety doesn’t have an overwhelming coconut flavor compared with other coconut-based creamers and is available right alongside the dairy creamers at your local grocer.

With so many delicious alternatives, it’s now easier than ever to ditch dairy! Ready to get started? Click here for 17 vegan products that’ll make you forget all about dairy.