8 New Dairy-Free Products You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

8 New Dairy-Free Products You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

From sour cream and yogurt to ice cream and cheese, plant-based dairy products are blowing up! More and more ingenious creations come out every year, and they only get more delicious. Even better? No animals are harmed in the making of these fantastic vegan staples!

Here are eight new dairy-free products that you should add to your next shopping list:

Forager Project’s Organic Sour Cream

Filled with active cultures and made from organic cashews and coconut milk, Forager Project’s brand-new organic plant-based sour cream is sure to impress! The company’s co-founder and CEO, Stephen Williamson, stated:

We’re looking forward to offering our dairy-free sour cream alternative and continuing to provide consumers with plant-based food options that are not only better for you, but also better for our planet.

Silk’s Oat Yeah Dairy-Free Creamers

Silk’s Oat Yeah creamers come in two delicious flavors: The Vanilla One and The Oatmeal Cookie One. These new offerings are available at grocery stores nationwide, including Sprouts, Target, and Whole Foods. Martha Opela, Silk’s senior brand manager, stated:

Oatmilk first gained popularity with coffee-lovers in lattes from their favorite coffee shops. Now, with Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamers, that experience is just as easy to enjoy at home. They’re deliciously creamy, gluten- and nut-free for those with food sensitivities, and are entirely plant-based versus traditional dairy creamers.

Nancy’s Plant-Based Yogurts

Dairy creamery Nancy’s Probiotic Foods has launched its own plant-based yogurts featuring billions of probiotics. Excited shoppers can find this oat milk yogurt in plain, vanilla, strawberry hibiscus, and blueberry. Sheryl Kesey Thompson, Nancy’s co-owner and vice president of marketing, said:

As interest in plant-based options continues to grow, and as a company with a long heritage of probiotic innovation, it made sense to update and offer a new line of non-dairy products.

Califia Farms’ Übermilk

Califia Farms has jumped on the oat milk bandwagon with a new product line: Übermilk. Made with oats and pea protein, this new dairy-free milk boasts eight grams of protein per serving and comes in three varieties: unsweetened, unsweetened vanilla, and chocolate. In a press statement, Califia Farms founder and CEO Greg Steltenpohl shares:

Übermilk is a leap into the next frontier. Nutritionally Übermilk is one of the more nutrient dense plant milks on the broader market with a powerful combination of both macro and micro nutrients, and most importantly it wins on taste and texture, thanks to our naturally creamy and great-tasting Oatmilk serving as the base.

Chobani’s Dairy-Free Yogurt

In January of this year, Greek yogurt brand Chobani made headlines when it announced a dairy-free line of yogurt products made from coconut cream, now available at grocers across the United States. Chobani’s dairy-free yogurt cups come in five flavors and its dairy-free yogurt drinks come in four. Peter McGuinness, chief marketing officer at Chobani, said:

There are a lot of different people out there that prefer different plant-based products and so we’re open to exploring that whole world. This is the beginning, not the end.

Good Karma Foods’ French Onion Dip

This smooth, silky dip has a tasty onion flavor that will win over the whole family! Good Karma Foods uses a traditional culturing process, so its vegan sour cream and dips are packed with live and active cultures.

Danone’s Good Plants Yogurt

Danone, the world’s largest yogurt company, added a vegan yogurt lineGood Plants—under its Light & Fit brand. With 100 calories per cup, this new yogurt is made with almond milk and comes in four varieties: lemon meringue, strawberry, chocolate-coconut, and vanilla. Danone plans to add more flavors in the future.

Light & Fit describes the line on its site:

We’re all about dairy-free foods that are lower in calories and taste amazing. Good Plants has 40% fewer calories and 70% less sugar than most almond milk yogurt alternatives. So whether you’ve fully embraced a dairy-free lifestyle or are just looking to integrate more dairy-free options into your routine, you can feel good about Good Plants in more ways than one! Pick up a spoon and live life deliciously with Good Plants.

Oatly Ice Cream

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Don’t live in the US? Cool, but you may want to scroll past this post because if you keep reading you could experience feelings of missing out, and even worse, you might start to wonder what our social media team was thinking when they decided to post this US frozen dessert announcement here for the world to see instead of doing that geo-targeting thing they’re always talking about, and who wants to spend even a second of their day wondering what social media teams are thinking? But if you do live in the US, great news! These new creamy and delicious frozen feats of ingenuity are hanging out in various bodegas around NYC at this very moment, and will also be doing so in grocery stores across the US in the fall, which means this post has probably made at least some people who read it really happy, and our social media team might know what they’re doing after all.

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The environmentally conscious Swedish brand Oatly has launched seven dairy-free ice cream flavors, including chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, in select grocery stores across the United States. In its promise to be a good company, Oatly states on its website, “We believe we should eat stuff that we can grow instead of growing stuff to feed animals and then eat them.”

These eight products aren’t just delicious—you can feel good about eating them! A study by the University of Oxford compared the environmental impacts of dairy milk with those of rice, soy, oat, and almond milks, measuring emissions and land and water use. In each comparison, dairy milk had a greater environmental impact than plant-based milk. For instance, dairy milk uses more than 10 times as much land as oat milk does.

You’ll need some new recipes to go with your updated shopping list! Order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today, and check out our Pinterest page for thousands of meal ideas.