Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, and Other Celebs Use Star Power to Promote Vegan Brands

Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, and Other Celebs Use Star Power to Promote Vegan Brands

  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kimberly Johnson

On Tuesday, Beyond Meat partnered with reality television star Kim Kardashian on an ad promoting their sustainable plant-based sausages, chicken tenders, burgers, and more, calling Kim their “new Chief Taste Consultant.”

“I believe so much in the mission of Beyond that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset, my taste.” —Kim Kardashian

Kim shared the ad with her 314 million Instagram followers, but she’s not the only celeb using her platform to promote plant-based food companies. Here are four other stars who have encouraged consumers to try plant-based products through recent advertising

Kevin Hart – Beyond Meat 

Like Kim Kardashian, comedian Kevin Hart recently teamed up with Beyond Meat in an ad encouraging people to eat plant-based meat for the future of the planet. 

“Traditions keep us connected to our past, but we have to make decisions for our future. We’ve gotta go beyond traditional thinking, … make changes that are better for the planet.” —Kevin Hart

Serena Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal – Eat JUST

Tennis superstar Serena Williams and actor Jake Gyllenhaal star in a new Eat JUST ad campaign to promote JUST Egg plant-based eggs for health and sustainability. According to reports, the television ads, which are narrated by actor JB Smoove, will air in major markets and launch nationwide on streaming platforms and social networks. Billboards will also display in prominent locations. 

“I’m eating more plant-based for my health, and JUST Egg makes it easy and delicious. I also recognize the impact our food system has on our planet, so JUST Egg’s mission is important to me. —Jake Gyllenhaal

“I eat to live, so JUST Egg helps me feel and perform better. But it’s also delicious—I don’t think my family can even taste the difference between JUST Egg and chicken eggs.” Serena Williams

Drew Barrymore – Quorn

Actor Drew Barrymore has been a spokesperson for meatless meat company Quorn since September 2021. While the ads, which refer to the star as “Chief Mom Officer,” touch on many benefits of plant-based eating, such as human health and sustainability, some also help consumers make the connection between meat and animal suffering. We love to see it! 

“I love this brand because the integrity of its mission truly motivates me, and I’m honored to be joining as Chief Mom Officer.” —Drew Barrymore

We’re all for celebrities and influencers partnering with plant-based brands and using their star power to encourage consumers to make kinder choices for animals, the environment, and their own health. Regardless of why someone chooses a plant-based food option, the outcome is sure to be positive. And that’s something everyone can get behind. 

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