9 Must-Try Vegan Chicken Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of
9 Must-Try Vegan Chicken Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of

9 Must-Try Vegan Chicken Brands We Can’t Get Enough Of

  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kimberly Johnson

Often referred to as “broiler chickens,” chickens raised for meat are typically forced to live in filthy, dim sheds, often with thousands of other birds. To make more of a profit, the meat industry breeds these sensitive, curious animals to grow abnormally large at an ultrafast rate. As a result, many chickens suffer painful deformities and can’t stand or walk to reach food or water. They suffer ammonia burns from lying in waste-soaked litter, and the putrid air stings their eyes. 

Chickens feel pain much like the dogs and cats who share our homes, yet they make up around 95 percent of the land animals raised and killed for food in the United States. We can all make a big difference for these birds simply by swapping animal meat for delicious plant-based chicken. Here are a few of our favorite vegan chicken products:



With a massive variety of vegan meat products, Gardein is a classic plant-based brand that never disappoints. Consumers can find Gardein’s plant-based chick’n in the freezer section of many mainstream grocery stores. The brand’s chick’n products include Ultimate Plant-Based Chick’n Tenders, Ultimate Plant-Based Chick’n Filets, Ultimate Plant-Based Chick’n Nuggets, Crispy Chick’n Tenders, Crispy Chick’n Sliders, Crispy Golden Chick’n Nuggets, Nashville Hot Chick’n Tenders, Spicy Gochujang Style Chick’n Wings, and Chipotle Georgia Style Chick’n Wings. 


Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods made waves when its beef-like burger patties popped up in a few select high-end restaurants. Now, shoppers can find Impossible meat at grocery stores in most states and a wide array of eateries around the world. The brand’s chicken nuggets and animal-shaped wild nuggets are available at many U.S. grocery stores and a handful of restaurant chains, such as Dog Haus and Fatburger. 



Daring Plant Chicken Pieces are juicy, flavorful, and made with simple ingredients like soy, natural flavors and spices, and sunflower oil. The company’s mission is something we can all get behind: to make chicken better for people, chickens, and the planet by making it out of plants. Daring plant chicken comes in four varieties: original, breaded, Cajun, and lemon & herb. 


MorningStar Farms

MorningStar Farms has been a staple in every vegetarian’s kitchen for decades, and now all of the iconic brand’s products are completely vegan. MorningStar Farms is fairly easy to find in grocery stores, and it’s as delicious as it is affordable. Try the BBQ Chick’n Nuggets, Chick’n Nuggets, Buffalo Chick Patties, Original Chick Patties, Zesty Ranch Chick’n Nuggets, and Sweet Mustard Chick’n Nuggets. The company’s new line, Incogmeato, also offers vegan chicken products, such as Sweet BBQ Chick’n Tenders, Mickey Mouse Shaped Chick’n Nuggets, 100% Plant-Protein Chick’n Tenders, and 100% Plant-Protein Chick’n Nuggets.



Quorn started in the 1960s when its founder was determined to create a sustainable alternative to animal meat. His team screened soil samples from around the world and selected a high-protein fungus with fibers similar to animal muscle fibers to be the base of Quorn’s products. Termed “mycoprotein,” this nutritious, sustainable food source is still used in Quorn products today. While not all Quorn products are vegan, many of them are. Just check the box. Quorn’s vegan chicken products include Meatless Fillets, Meatless Spicy Patties, Meatless Cutlets, Meatless Buffalo Dippers, and Meatless Pieces. 


Raised and Rooted

You know that plant-based eating is the future when even meat giant Tyson gets on board. Tyson’s plant-based meat line, Raised and Rooted, originally included products containing animal-derived ingredients, but now all the products are 100 percent vegan. They’re made with pea protein isolate, which is created with yellow split peas and is an outstanding source of protein and fiber. As more and more consumers try out vegan meats, hopefully Tyson will move away from harming animals and invest more time and energy in vegan meats. Raised and Rooted vegan chicken products include Plant-Based Nuggets, Spicy Plant-Based Nuggets, Whole Grain Plant-Based Tenders, Buffalo Style Plant-Based Bites, and Sweet Barbeque Plant-Based Bites. 


Simple Truth

Want affordable vegan versions of your favorite foods? Look no further than Kroger’s brand Simple Truth. From almond milk pudding cups to queso-style dip, Simple Truth seems to add more and more unique plant-based products all the time. Their vegan chicken products include Emerge Plant-Based Chick’n Patties, Emerge Plant-Based Chick’n Grind, Meatless Crispy Patties, and Meatless Crispy Tenders.


Sweet Earth

Sweet Earth has a delicious range of easy-to-prepare products, such as frozen entrees, bowls, deli meats, and burritos, as well as burgers, grounds, hot dogs, and chick’n. While not all of Sweet Earth’s products are vegan, the company states that their product line is 70 percent vegan, and the vegan items are clearly labeled. We’re obsessed with Sweet Earth’s chick’n, which can be eaten cold and straight out of the package or prepared in your favorite recipes. The brand’s vegan chicken line consists of Mindful Chick’n Strips, Chipotle Chick’n Marinated Strips, Korean BBQ Chick’n, and Seasoned Chick’n Marinated Shreds. 


Beyond Meat

You’ve probably already heard of Beyond Meat from their famous burger patties that are available in grocery stores all over the country, as well as many restaurant chains, such as Denny’s, Carl’s Jr., and TGI Friday’s. It’s only fitting that the iconic plant-based company decided to try its hand at making vegan chicken too. Beyond Chicken Strips launched at over 400 restaurants in 2021. Beyond Meat also teamed up with KFC to create Beyond Fried Chicken that’s available for a limited time at all KFC locations! Want to try Beyond Chicken in your own home? The company’s plant-based breaded tenders are now on some grocery store shelves.



Lightlife is a plant-based meat company that’s been around for over 40 years. The company boasts that its commitment to using only a few simple and recognizable ingredients makes it stand out among its competitors. Lightlife is also committed to sustainability, and in 2020 it became a 100 percent carbon-neutral company. Lightlife’s vegan chicken products are Smart Tenders Plant-Based Chicken, Plant-Based Chicken Filets, and Plant-Based Chicken Tenders.



Found in the refrigerated section of your local grocer, this recipe-ready product from Tofurky comes in several flavors: Lightly seasoned, sesame garlic, Thai basil, and barbecue! You can microwave it right in the package or throw it in an oiled skillet on the stove.

So what are you waiting for? Give chickens a break, and try out one of these amazing vegan chicken products for your next meal. Did we miss anything on our list? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and let us know!