Here Are the Top 5 Countries for New Vegan Products
Here Are the Top 5 Countries for New Vegan Products

Here Are the Top 5 Countries for New Vegan Products

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

With more people than ever choosing to eat less meat or ditch it altogether in favor of plant-based foods, many food producers are taking advantage of this expanding market by adding more plant-based options to their product lines. Katya Witham, global food & drink analyst at Mintel, explained to FoodBev Media:

The appeal of products without animal-derived ingredients has extended far beyond the limited pool of steadfast vegans and vegetarians, carving a place within overall healthy and varied diets.

And in a new report, Mintel highlights the impressive growth of the plant-based food industry, sharing which countries have released the most new vegan products in the past 12 months. And depending on where you live, the top five vegan food producers just might surprise you:

1. Germany

Yep, Germany—a place known by many for its sausage-heavy cuisine—is leading the way when it comes to new vegan foods, accounting for 15 percent of all new vegan products released from July 2017 to June 2018.

2. U.K.

Lately it seems like we’re seeing article after article highlighting another amazing vegan win in the United Kingdom. With an astonishing number of great new vegan options showing up at grocery stores and on restaurant menus, the U.K. comes in at a close second to Germany, with 14 percent of total new vegan products.

3. U.S.

Coming in third place, with 12 percent of new vegan products, the United States has long been home to a wide variety of vegan products. Many big names in plant-based meats, like Tofurky, Beyond Meat, and Field Roast, call the States home.

4. France

France is responsible for 4 percent of new plant-based products. This should come as no surprise, considering a study by research institute Xerfi published last year found the number of French consumers looking to reduce their meat consumption had reached 30 percent and was expected to continue to grow.

5. Spain

Tied with France, Spain is also responsible for 4 percent of new vegan products, with a quickly growing movement of people who are limiting their meat consumption. In fact, according to a different Mintel report, 61 percent of people surveyed in Spain said they intentionally had meat-free days.

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