Here Are Some of the Very Best College Towns for Vegans
Here Are Some of the Very Best College Towns for Vegans

Here Are Some of the Very Best College Towns for Vegans

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Times are changing, and as more students find out about the horrific treatment of animals, as well as the environmental degradation directly tied to animal agriculture, they’re ditching animal products in favor of vegan alternatives. And campus dining services are increasingly stepping up to the plate and adding vegan and vegetarian options that all students can enjoy.

Here are a few of the very best college towns in America for vegans:

Denton, TX

In 2011, the University of North Texas made headlines after responding to student demand by making its Mean Greens dining hall menu 100 percent vegan. And it’s not just the dining hall—there are a bunch of restaurants with yummy vegan options around town, including Greenhouse Restaurant, Killer’s Tacos, and Seven Mile Cafe.

Palo Alto, CA

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Home to Stanford Medical School and Palo Alto University, this California town is much like the rest of this very vegan-friendly state. With 10 all-vegan restaurants (including vegan chain Veggie Grill) in the area and countless restaurants with vegan options, Palo Alto has a lot to offer.

Oberlin, OH

This quiet little Ohio town is home to liberal arts school and music conservatory Oberlin College. It’s also a surprising haven for vegan students and visitors. Student dining services always have a clearly labeled vegan option available, or you can get a plant-based bite to eat at many area restaurants, like Aladdin’s and Black River Cafe.

Syracuse, NY

This city in upstate New York is home to Syracuse University and boasts a thriving vegan community, with quite a few restaurants offering worthwhile options and the beloved all-vegan Strong Hearts Cafe serving up veganized versions of classic dishes like eggs Benedict and mouthwatering vegan milkshakes.

Asheville, NC

Asheville is another small city that’s loaded with vegan offerings. The dining halls of Warren Wilson University and the University of North Carolina at Asheville both offer extensive vegan options. Must-visit vegan restaurants around town include Plant, Elements, and Bean Vegan Cuisine.

Boulder, CO

The University of Colorado Boulder campus is incredibly vegan-friendly, with clearly labeled vegan dishes offered at every meal. Plus, they even have their own all-vegan cafeteria station! And as you’d expect, Boulder has a bunch of amazing plant-based restaurants, including vegan chain Native Foods Cafe.

Kent, OH

This Midwestern town is home to famed Kent State University, which offers tons of plant-based food options, including vegan desserts. According to PETA, Kent State even has a vegan member on the student advisory board. Plus, there are restaurants around town with vegan menu items, such as Grazers, Newdle Bar, and Taco Tontos.

Berkeley, CA

California is home to a large vegan community, and Berkeley is practically a vegan mecca, with so many all-vegan restaurants that we couldn’t list them all if we tried. While campus dining services at the University of California, Berkeley, offer some vegan meal options, there are so many standout restaurants around town, you might find yourself eating off campus at The Butcher’s Son, Souley Vegan, or Flaco’s.

The school year is fast approaching. And with more and more schools offering vegan options, there’s never been a better time to encourage your cafeteria to add delicious meat-free foods to the menu! If you’re a student and your cafeteria could improve on its plant-based meal options, why not nudge your school in the right direction?

With these simple steps, your dining hall will be more veg-friendly in no time!