7 Must-Try Women-Owned Vegan Restaurants: West Coast Edition

7 Must-Try Women-Owned Vegan Restaurants: West Coast Edition

  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kimberly Johnson

We’re all about celebrating the strong women who are working to change the world, especially those helping animals—and especially during Women’s History Month.

Women are the backbone of the animal protection movement, so it should come as no surprise that when we sat down to compile a list of our favorite women-owned vegan restaurants, there were far too many to include in just one blog post. So to make things simple, we decided to break it down by region. We present to you seven of our favorite women-owned vegan restaurants: the West Coast edition!

Plum Bistro – Seattle, WA


Chef Makini Howell opened Plum Bistro in Seattle, Washington, in 2009. A lifelong vegan, Chef Howell is passionate about creating stunning dishes from organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some of Plum Bistro’s most beloved dishes are Mac & Yease, sweet and spicy General Tso’s cauliflower, the Mama Africa salad, and peaches and cream French toast. Plum Bistro offers a chic dining space perfect for date night. For those on the go or looking for something more casual, Plum Bistro also has a food truck! 

Stuff I Eat – Inglewood, California

Stuff I Eat is located in downtown Inglewood, California, and co-owned by celebrity chef and fitness enthusiast Babette Davis. As one of the only plant-based restaurants in the area, Stuff I Eat has changed how many people in the community see vegan food. With a menu ranging from soul food and burgers to mouthwatering desserts, Stuff I Eat will satisfy any appetite.

Sugar Taco – West Hollywood, California


Sugar Taco is a Mexican restaurant founded by model, entrepreneur, and animal advocate Jayde Nicole and co-owned by a group of like-minded businesswomen including actor and influencer Daniella Monet, along with Emily Sears, Tina Louise, Tiffany Toth, and Jessica Hall. The pet-friendly restaurant is all about using sustainable materials, sourcing their produce from local organic farms. All proceeds from their dog menu go to a different animal charity every month. What’s more, the restaurant’s adorable, selfie-friendly ambiance and outdoor patio are almost as appealing as the delicious tacos and nachos. 

Mirisata – Portland, Oregon; and Hillsboro, Oregon


Mirisata is a plant-based Sri Lankan restaurant in East Portland and a food cart in Hillsboro. The unique eatery is a worker-owned cooperative, with many worker-owners, some of whom are Sri Lankan and bring family traditions and recipes to the kitchen. They don’t have a “head chef” like most restaurants—instead they call their food a “collaboration.” 

Aside from their delicious Sri Lankan dishes, Mirisata stands out from other restaurants by not accepting tips. Mirisata’s website says their prices are “now inclusive of any gratuity and reflect the cost of providing a living wage to all of our workers at a time of soaring ingredient costs from unprecedented inflation.” Mirisata is especially known for their fragrant Sri Lankan rice and curry plate and string hoppers—rice noodles shaped into a patty and served with curry.

Lion Dance Cafe – Oakland, CA


Lion Dance Cafe started out as a popup called S + M Vegan created by chef C-Y Marie Chia and her partner Shane Stanbridge. Seven years later the pair opened the brick and mortar location, Lion Dance Cafe, with support from their loyal customers, who helped fund a kickstarter. Despite opening during a pandemic, the restaurant is wildly popular. Oakland residents can’t get enough of Chef Chia’s Singapore-inspired dishes. The menu changes weekly, but diners will always find a Shaobing sandwich, hailed by a San Francisco Chronicle writer as “the best sandwich in the Bay Area.”  

Pura Vita – West Hollywood, California; and Redondo Beach, California


Chef Tara Punzone opened the first Pura Vita location in 2018—also the first all-plant-based Italian restaurant and wine bar in the United States. Chef Punzone became vegan as a child more than 30 years ago and has since been veganizing all of her family’s traditional Italian dishes. Pura Vita’s West Hollywood and Redondo Beach locations offer decadent dishes like Black Magic lasagna, carbonara, and linguine del mar. Their desserts are a must, especially the zeppole with Nutella dip. 

Doe Donuts – Portland, Oregon


Doe Donuts specializes in artisanal vegan doughnuts and ice creams made from scratch with local, fresh, and sometimes-unusual ingredients. Doe’s offerings change every season, but some remain on the menu year-round, such as the “Doe,” flavored with housemade strawberry milk and sprinkles; the “birthday cake,” with vanilla bean glaze, birthday cake chunks, and cotton candy sprinkles; and tiramisu-filled, with coffee glaze, tart cream cheese filling, and cocoa powder. Are you hungry yet? 

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