Food Tech Company Launches World’s First Vegan Pork Belly

Food Tech Company Launches World’s First Vegan Pork Belly

  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Kimberly Johnson

San Francisco-based food tech company Lypid says, “Fat is the key to make plant-based meat taste like real meat.” To test their theory, Lypid is rolling out plant-based products such as meatballs, braised pork belly, and pork belly slices made with their patented vegan fat, PhytoFat. 

PhytoFat is made of vegetable oils using a special technology that gives the oils a higher melting point. As a result, Lipid’s vegan pork belly—which the company claims is the world’s first—sizzles, smells, and tastes like an animal-based pork belly. It can be sautéed, fried, or baked and is lower in saturated fat, sodium, and calories than traditional pork belly. 

Photo: Lypid

“By combining PhytoFat™ with a unique fibrous protein alternative, we are able to create a meaty, savory, lip-smacking pork belly experience,” said Dr. Michelle Lee, Lypid’s co-founder and CTO. 

The vegan pork belly is currently available at restaurants throughout Taiwan, but Lypid plans to expand its collaboration with food service chains throughout the United States and Asia. Samples will be available at the upcoming Plant-Based World Expo 2023

Why Choose Vegan Pork Belly? 

Pigs suffer unrelenting abuse from the day they are born. Piglets endure a series of mutilations. They shriek in pain as workers cut our their testicles and cut off their sensitive tails without painkillers. Mother pigs spend most of their lives in tiny, filthy cages. Constricted by metal bars on all sides, they can’t lie down comfortably or even turn around for nearly their entire lives.

A row of pigs in gestation crates at  factory farm.

Mercy For Animals investigations have uncovered pigs shocked with electric prongs in their eyes, bludgeoned with metal pipes, kicked, and stabbed for minutes while still conscious.

But the good news is that people can live happy, healthy lives without harming pigs or other animals. With all the innovative plant-based products hitting store shelves and restaurant menus, eating plant-based is becoming even more effortless. 

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