The 10 Most Vegan-Friendly U.S. Cities, According to New Research

The 10 Most Vegan-Friendly U.S. Cities, According to New Research

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

New research reveals the best places to be vegan in the United States! Consumer-spending experts at compiled a list of the most vegan-friendly cities in the country by the number of plant-based restaurants in each city and the cost of vegan ingredients. Check them out!

1. Houston, Texas lists Houston, Texas, as the most vegan-friendly city in the United States! And with healthy, innovative meals from Geed Seed Vegan and tasty bakery treats from Crumbville, TX, it’s easy to see why. A spokesperson told Plant Based News:

Despite being famous for barbequed meat dishes and chili, Texas is the only state with two cities listed in the top 10 list. The state ranked highly for the number of specialty cooking classes and the cost of food.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver offers more than gorgeous mountains and expansive skies—it also has fantastic vegan options! From plant-based comfort food at Watercourse Foods to music and brunch at Sputnik, vegans and meat eaters alike can’t go wrong.

3. Los Angeles, California

It may come as no surprise that Los Angeles is in the top three. Based in LA, Mercy For Animals has profiled many of the city’s incredible plant-based restaurants, including Monty’s Good Burger, Sugar Taco, and Big Daddy’s Pizza.

4. Dallas, Texas

This second Texas location was listed as one of the more budget-friendly major cities for plant-based food. stated:

Dallas is one of the most affordable places to buy groceries for a plant-based meal— tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and rice cost $6.42 which is 58 percent cheaper than for shoppers in New York—here, the same costs $11.79.

5. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is bursting with incredible plant-based restaurants. One of our favorites is The Chicago Diner, which has been meat-free since 1983! We’re also huge fans of Upton’s Breakroom, a restaurant opened by famed vegan company Upton’s Naturals in 2013.

6. San Diego, California

San Diego (and Southern California in general) is a vegan paradise. Kindred boasts an extensive vegan bar and some show-stopping dishes, and Evolution offers all-American fast-food favorites, including a variety of burgers and milkshakes.

7. New York, New York

While it may be further down the list than you expected, New York definitely made the cut! Visitors should be sure to stop by The Cinnamon Snail for an all-vegan kosher lunch before heading to Dun-Well Doughnuts or Delice & Sarrasin for decadent desserts.

8. Portland, Oregon

A town famous for its eco-friendliness and microbreweries, Portland flourishes with vegan options. Dine at Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ for hearty smoked tempeh ribs before heading to Sweetpea Baking Company for something sweet.

9. Phoenix, Arizona

Like LA, Phoenix has some of the most plant-based restaurants in the country. Nami is the perfect place to stop for breakfast—offering coffee, scrambles, pastries, and more. And you can’t leave Phoenix without trying the mushroom asada tacos at The Coronado!

10. Columbus, Ohio

With gluten-free raw options at Portia’s Cafe, fast-food favorites at Eden Burger, and chicken and waffles at Lifestyle Cafe, it’s no wonder Columbus made the top 10 list of vegan-friendly cities!

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