Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks of All Time

Top 10 Vegan Cookbooks of All Time

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

In no particular order, here are our top 10 vegan cookbooks of all time:

1. Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero

Compiled from some of America’s best-selling vegan chefs, this stunning collection of recipes is a must-have.

2. Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko Schinner has made a name for herself with delicious nut-based nondairy cheeses. Trust us, these recipes will seriously change your life!

3. Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli

A vegan take on classic Italian food, Chloe Coscarelli’s new cookbook features more than 150 delicious recipes for pizza, pasta, and more!

4. Forks Over Knives The Cookbook by Del Sroufe

From the makers of the critically acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives, this is the cookbook you can’t do without!

5. The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen

Chef Tal applies traditional culinary techniques to this mouthwatering collection of vegan dishes.

6. Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin

Personal chef to Ellen DeGeneres has published this drool-worthy collection of his own recipes that are sure to please even the most devout meat eaters.

7. Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry

Vegan soul food? You bet! This compilation of recipes reinterprets popular dishes from Caribbean and African countries without the animal products.

8. Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen by Richa Hingle

We love Vegan Richa! This new book showcases a variety of traditional Indian dishes and is perfect for someone interested in exploring new flavors!

9. The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

Featuring more than 100 healthful, flavorful recipes, Angela Liddon published this New York Times bestseller as a follow-up to her incredibly popular food blog.

10. Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen by Kathy Patalsky

From the author behind the esteemed Healthy Happy Life food blog, this cookbook spotlights more than 200 inspiring vegan recipes.

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