Fill Your Cup with These Six Plant-Based Drinks in 2022

Fill Your Cup with These Six Plant-Based Drinks in 2022

  • Makayla Rosas
  • Makayla Rosas

Whether you’re a coffee fanatic, a tea enthusiast, or a fan of tasty drinks from good companies, we’ve got something to fill your cup. These brands make delicious, innovative plant-based beverages you won’t want to miss. Plus, every company featured is founded by people of the global majority and offers nationwide shipping. Drink up!

1. Mamaleelu

If you’re a coffee lover, you won’t want to miss out on Mamaleelu’s magically bold cold-brew concentrate. It’s an easy way to kick-start your morning. We love that Mamaleelu is making a splash in the industry as an inspiring Black-woman-owned business. To learn more about the company’s uplifting story or to make a purchase, check out the website today.

2. Golde

Give your self-care routine a boost with Golde’s superfood products. The company’s latte blends are a quick, simple way to support your well-being. Flavors include original turmeric, cacao turmeric, and matcha turmeric and can be purchased online or at your local Target.

3. Rad Foods

Rad Foods offers an incredible coffee alternative that promotes balanced, sustained energy. Rad Roast features naturally caffeinated cacao, liver-toning dandelion, and nutrient-dense mushrooms. Ingredients are ethically sourced, and the company donates proceeds to fund social change. To learn more or to place an order, visit the company’s website.

4. Twrl Milk Tea

Twrl’s plant-based milk teas are a dream come true! Enjoy three delightful flavors—black, hojicha green, and jasmine—knowing that each contains high-quality ingredients, such as organic fair-trade tea and non-GMO pea milk. Twrl’s teas are available online for nationwide shipping.

5. JOI

JOI is changing the milk game by offering zero-waste plant-milk concentrates. Prepared plant milks sold in stores contain mostly water and last only about a week after they’re opened. This is where JOI comes in! JOI milk concentrates have a longer shelf life and more servings per package than standard containers of plant milk. The concentrates are available for online purchase in almond, oat, and cashew.

6. Goldthread

If you’re looking for a simple and tasty way to consume health-boosting herbs and adaptogens, look no further! Goldthread offers refreshing sugar-free tonics in a variety of delicious flavors, such as Hawaiian ginger, elderberry, and lavender. Whether you’re in need of immune, digestion, or mood support, there’s an option for you. Goldthread’s tonics are 100 percent vegan and available for purchase through the company’s website.

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