Six Online Vegan Grocery Delivery Services That Will Change Your Life

Six Online Vegan Grocery Delivery Services That Will Change Your Life

  • Makayla Rosas
  • Makayla Rosas

Accessing plant-based foods is easier than ever. With the ability to purchase vegan products online, consumers can now get dozens of exciting foods delivered straight to their doors.

To make things easier for the next time you’re in need of convenient delivery (or a hard-to-find item), we’ve highlighted our top six vegan online grocery delivery services!

1. The Super Vegan Market

The Super Vegan Market is an online marketplace with hundreds of vegan health and wellness products, food, drinks, and more! Products have been curated by the folks at Seasoned Vegan in New York City, so you can trust that the options are extraordinarily tasty. The market carries dozens of comfort foods, even vegan crawfish! Visit The Super Vegan Market website to support an amazing Black-owned vegan business.

2. VeganEssentials

As one of the longest-operating vegan retailers in the United States, it’s no surprise that VeganEssentials makes the list! VeganEssentials offers hundreds of exciting plant-based items, including companion-animal and personal-care products. We especially love the website’s long list of heavenly plant-based sweets, such as white chocolate, baklava, and chocolate gift boxes. To order anywhere in the United States today, check out the VeganEssentials website.

3. Besties Vegan Paradise

Besties Vegan Paradise is our online shopping BFF! We love that the business stocks plant-based faves from 100 percent vegan companies The Herbivorous Butcher, BeLeaf, Go Max Go, and dozens more. With an extensive product range, including pantry staples and perishables, Besties is the perfect one-stop shop for all your vegan needs. Visit Besties in person in Los Angeles or online for nationwide shipping.

4. GTFO It’s Vegan

GTFO It’s Vegan is another standout online plant-based grocery store. The business stocks baked goods, cheeses, meats, companion-animal products, home goods, and more! Additionally, GTFO It’s Vegan offers its own extensive line of impressive plant-based sashimi, including tuna, salmon, sailfish, and calamari. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the company’s website.

5. PlantBelly

PlantBelly is a new online plant-based retailer offering longtime vegan favorites as well as specially curated products from small-batch makers. The website offers high-quality perishables and pantry staples all in one easy-to-navigate place. Of the many things that make us love the PlantBelly shopping experience, our favorite is the ability to browse products by ecological and social values, such as BIPOC-founded and woman-founded businesses. Visit PlantBelly today!

6. NoPigNeva

NoPigNeva is a Black-woman-owned online grocery store providing hard-to-find plant-based products (even vegan lobster!). The curated collection is meant to increase the convenience of delicious vegan foods. Check out NoPigNeva today, and get free shipping on orders over $69!

We hope we gave you something to “add to cart”! If you’re hungry for more ways to help animals, visit our new action center page today to see how you can help increase plant-based options throughout the country. Together, we are creating a more compassionate world for all.