The 10 Best Cities to Be Vegan in Europe, According to Experts

The 10 Best Cities to Be Vegan in Europe, According to Experts

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Your dream list of future vacation destinations is ready to be finalized! Consumer spending experts at analyzed cities across Europe to find the best locations for vegans. Among other factors, the researchers considered the number of vegan restaurants and plant-based takeout services and the cost of cooking a vegan meal at home. Here are their findings!


A large, international city, London, England, is unsurprisingly first on the list! From hearty, healthy bowls at Stem & Glory to pizzas and calzones at Purezza, London is a melting pot of delicious plant-based options.


Next, we’re headed to Poland! The bustling city of Kraków boasts a variety of intriguing plant-based restaurants and street food options, including Vege To Tu—a small vegan food truck.


The Scottish city of Glasgow is a cultural hub, with nearly endless options for exploration. Visitors can grab breakfast at Serenity Now, pick up a plant-based burger at The Glasvegan, and head to The Flying Duck at the end of the day for tasty bar food.


Seville, the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region, is famed for its major landmarks and flamenco dancing. Some of its best plant-based restaurants are the centrally located Casaplata and the charming Cocome.


Spain is truly winning when it comes to vegan food! Visitors should be sure to stop by Avocado Love for tacos before heading to Bombon for chocolaty desserts.


Berlin, Germany, is increasingly known for its vegan-friendly fare. Folks can enjoy plant-based fine dining at Kopps or shop at an all-vegan grocery store called Veganz!


The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, is a gorgeous city with an abundance of plant-based eateries. Hermans offers casual buffets with international vegan dishes, while the high-end Vaxthuset is great for date night.


Located on the southern coast, Valencia is another checkmark for Spain! Visitors should be sure to stop by Cafe Madrigal, a small shop serving traditional Spanish dishes. For takeout, nothing beats Lo de Ponxe En El Kinto Pino.


Ah, Vienna. Harvest Cafe Bistro is the perfect place to relax before or after enjoying the culture of Austria’s capital. For dessert, look no further than Simply Raw Bakery.


We finish our European tour back in Spain, where customers can choose from gazpacho, protein bowls, and vegan cakes at Blu Bar. Another fantastic option is Monchito, a restaurant abounding with tacos, nachos, and quesadillas.

Now that we’ve traveled around Europe, it’s time to enjoy plant-based foods in the States! Check out the 10 most vegan-friendly U.S. cities, and download our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide to learn more about plant-based eating.