Beyond Meat Is Blowing Our Minds With This Game-Changing New Product

Beyond Meat Is Blowing Our Minds With This Game-Changing New Product

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Early today news broke that Beyond Meat, the beloved producer of the famed Beyond Burger and a slew of other tasty plant-based meats, had announced a brand-new product line: Beyond Sausage.

Business Insider explains:

Beyond Meat’s plant-based burger, the Beyond Burger, as well as its “chicken” products (made from soy and pea protein, yeast extract, and rice flour) are now available in over 500 grocery stores, 100 BurgerFi locations, and six TGI Fridays. Now the Beyond Meat team is taking on sausage.

This new product will be available in three flavors—bratwurst, sweet Italian, and hot Italian. One Beyond Sausage link has 14 percent more protein, 26 percent less sodium, and 38 percent less saturated fat than its animal-based counterpart.

While there are countless vegan sausages already on the market, this new offering sets itself apart from competitors with a plant-based casing made from alginate.

Beyond Meat’s site says:

The casing is made of alginate, which is obtained from algae. It is a natural product and 100% plant-based. Alginate is used in some fresh turkey and seafood based sausages to deliver a similar pop and texture as animal-based casings.

While these bad boys won’t hit store shelves until spring 2018, for a limited time the company will preview the sausages at the Beyond Burger restaurant inside a Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado. We can’t wait to get our hands on these!

As more people become aware of the egregious animal cruelty and vast environmental destruction involved in meat production, the popularity of delicious vegan meat alternatives continues to rise. In fact, plant-based proteins are poised to take a third of the protein market by 2054!

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