The U.S. Air Force Announces Plan to Offer Beyond Burgers at Military Bases

The U.S. Air Force Announces Plan to Offer Beyond Burgers at Military Bases

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

By the end of 2020, the Beyond Burger will be available to around 700,000 military personnel and their families living on U.S. bases!

The United States Air Force has partnered with BurgerFi, a Florida-based restaurant chain with a vegan Beyond Burger on its menu. The burger comes with a Beyond Meat patty, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion all on a plant-based multigrain bun. Another option is a quinoa burger called the VegFi, which you can easily veganize by ordering it without cheese.

Mike Baker from the Air Force Services Center told FOX Business:

What we have attempted to do with this new model is really modernize our food and beverage platform. A younger, more socially aware demographic is in service, and the products and services that provided value to previous generations are no longer relevant.

The Air Force has also partnered with Saladworks, a Pennsylvania-based company that offers a range of soups, wraps, sandwiches, and—of course—salads. The majority of the company’s menu items are fully customizable, with plenty of plant-based choices, like quinoa, rice, pasta, fresh vegetables, wraps, and dry toppings.

Baker went on:

We looked at the food trends across the U.S., and we can all agree that quality food and a variety of food sustainability are very important to today’s consumer, especially the demographic that enters the military service of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Air Force Services will not only open five BurgerFi restaurants on military bases but serve BurgerFi menu items in its cafeterias by the end of next year.

This is not the first time fantastic plant-based options have been added to military bases. Last year, Sodexo—one of the world’s largest foodservice providers—added 200 new vegan meals to its roster in North America. Besides serving military mess halls, the company supplies a variety of institutions, from corporate cafeterias and school dining halls to stadiums.

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