5 Things All New Vegans Need to Hear…  and One Thing They Don’t

5 Things All New Vegans Need to Hear… and One Thing They Don’t

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

There’s no question that it is sometimes difficult to see the impact our choices have on others. But make no mistake, by choosing animal-free foods, we spare countless animals from a lifetime of neglect and horrific suffering.

And fortunately, eating vegan is easier than ever before! Here are a few things all new vegans need to hear:

1. You can find vegan food pretty much anywhere. 

Almost every city in the U.S. has incredible vegan restaurants or restaurants that can create fantastic vegan dishes. For veg restaurants near you, click here. And don’t forget, veg dishes are common around the globe. You can stop by any international restaurant for a tasty meatless meal!

2. Vegans are everywhere.

You just have to know where to find them! There is a thriving online community of vegans, and you can connect with them on Facebook and other social media channels. Try joining a vegan Meetup or going to a vegan potluck or other veg event close to you to meet like-minded people in your area.

3. There are vegan versions of all your favorite foods.

It’s not all kale and tofu. From burgers and pizza to ice cream and cheesecake delicious alternatives to cruel animal foods are hitting store shelves all the time. And with the amazing variety of products already on the market, there’s never been a better time to “veganize” your favorite recipes.

4. You don’t have to “know everything.”

You might get a lot of questions from friends and family after your decision to become vegan, and it’s OK if you don’t have all the answers. Be honest, and speak from personal experience. When our friends find out that eating vegan foods is important to us and why, they are more likely to understand.

5. You’re making a big difference for animals.

By ditching cruel animal foods, we can take a stand against an industry that treats animals as unfeeling meat, milk, and egg machines and spare the lives of about 30 animals each year.

As a bonus, you’ll be so much happier knowing that you are contributing to a kinder, more compassionate world.

Some people want you to believe that being vegan is about purity or perfection. Don’t listen to them. Being vegan isn’t about being perfect, but it is one of the best steps we can take to help end animal cruelty. If you find yourself slipping up once in a while, or you accidentally eat something that isn’t vegan, don’t beat yourself up. You can always start fresh at your next meal.

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