5 Reasons Lambs Are Really Just Baby Unicorns

5 Reasons Lambs Are Really Just Baby Unicorns

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

No creature represents spring quite like a little lamb. These adorable babes are not only sweet and gentle—they’re also highly intelligent and worthy of kindness and consideration. Lambs are capable of problem solving and considered to have IQs that rival those of cows. They also have great memories and can remember at least 50 individual sheep for years!

Through highly developed communication skills, lambs use various vocalizations to express different emotions. They can even convey emotion through facial expressions!

But what if these magical little babes were actually just baby unicorns?! Hear us out:

1. They have the cutest little hooves.

Lambs are either the doppelgangers of unicorns or actual unicorns in disguise. You decide.

2. And the most adorable white fur.

Seriously. Does it get any cuter?

3. They’re gentle.

Lambs have been a symbol of innocence for thousands of years, often also representing tenderness. And nobody’s ever heard of a killer unicorn, right?

4. And have been the subject of myths for thousands of years.

Like unicorns, lambs are mythological creatures and have been for millennia. They are held sacred in many Sumerian and ancient-Egyptian myths.

5. They’re taking over the world.

OK, not really. But New Zealand has a sheep on its coat of arms. A unicorn, similarly, has been on Scotland’s royal seal for over 500 years.

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