Yogurtland Launches First Plant-Based Flavor. Hint: It’s Delicious.

Yogurtland Launches First Plant-Based Flavor. Hint: It’s Delicious.

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Nationwide frozen treat company Yogurtland just added its first plant-based frozen yogurt flavor! Available for a limited time, the completely vegan Salted Chocolate Soufflé is made with coconut milk, cocoa powder, and salt. Sam Yoon, senior vice president of Yogurtland, told VegNews:

Here at Yogurtland, we wanted to expand our roster to provide a range of innovative flavors that cater to a variety of guests and dietary lifestyles. Not only was it important for us to add a plant-based option that was 100 percent vegan as a featured promotional flavor but also work with our research and development team to create a plant-based flavor that did not compromise on taste.

Customers can enjoy this tasty new Yogurtland flavor from now until February 15, but plenty of other frozen yogurt shops offer delicious vegan options! Here are a few that we love:

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a self-serve frozen yogurt chain with over 100 shops around the world, including in the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tahiti, and Mexico. While it offers a variety of sorbet flavors, the chain also makes fantastic soy-based options, like soy cocoa, strawberry, and peanut butter banana sandwich.


With two locations in Southern California, Yoga-urt serves only vegan yogurt made from hand-squeezed almond milk, probiotics, and natural flavors. Even better? The company uses only eco-friendly compostable paper goods! Customers can not only choose from over 25 nut-based rotating flavors, such as Chocolate Bliss, Caramel Zen, and Peanut Butter Prana, but enjoy decadent toppings, organic smoothies, ice cream sandwiches, and more!


TCBY opened its first frozen yogurt shop in 1981 and has since expanded to over 360 stores nationwide! Its dairy-free options are chocolate almond yogurt, coconut yogurt, and mango sorbet, among others.

Pressed Juicery

While Pressed Juicery is famous for healthy and affordable cold-pressed juices, its vegan soft serve freezes are also amazing. Customers can choose from chocolate, vanilla, blood orange, and strawberry freezes, all of which can be ordered online.


Pinkberry calls itselfthe original frozen yogurt that reignited the category.” Having launched in Los Angeles in 2005, the company has grown to over 100 stores across the nation. Its dairy-free options include Coconut Chocolate Milk, Coconut Milk Coconut, Coconut Milk Cold Brew, Coconut Milk Strawberry, Just Fruit Peach Passion, and Just Fruit Tropical Mango.

Have the sweet calls of vegan yogurt melted your heart yet? Get more plant-based treat ideas with a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide, and check out our Pinterest page for thousands of recipes!