We Tried No Evil Foods Vegan Meat. Here’s What We Thought.
We Tried No Evil Foods Vegan Meat. Here’s What We Thought.

We Tried No Evil Foods Vegan Meat. Here’s What We Thought.

  • Ari Solomon
  • Ari Solomon

There’s a new vegan meat on the block. No Evil Foods, a plant-based meat company in North Carolina, expanded in a big way this year when it started selling to Walmart and Wegmans.

I am obsessed with new vegan products and was super anxious to try No Evil. So I went on their website and sure enough, their offerings are available in Los Angeles. I picked up their Comrade Cluck (vegan chicken) and The Stallion (vegan Italian sausage)—yes, all their meats have fun names like that!

Here’s what I thought:

Kudos to the Comrade

The chicken is really unlike anything else on the market right now. While most veggie chicken products mimic either a chicken breast or chicken fingers, this chicken is shredded. I heated it up on the stovetop, added some barbecue sauce, and put it in my salad. My husband made a barbecue chicken sandwich with it. WOW! I really loved it. The texture and the taste were on point. This vegan meat is definitely a blank slate—it’s very lightly spiced out of the box so you can do whatever you want with it. I’d recommend using it in pasta, tacos, sandwiches, and more. So good!

I also want to mention that this product is literally made from like five ingredients. The first one is wheat gluten, so if you’re sensitive or allergic, this is not the product for you. Also, it’s very low in fat and has over 20 grams of protein per serving.

This Stallion Has a Kick

Next I tried their Italian sausage, The Stallion. I also heated this up on the stove, and then I added it to an avocado pesto pasta that I whipped up. This sausage is full of flavor! Right away I could taste the sweet fennel seed. Where this product failed me slightly is that it is spicy. And no, not “how cute!” spicy. Like really spicy. I am not a huge fan of spicy foods, so I only had a couple of pieces. But if you love spicy, you will love this product. It actually reminded me a lot of the sausages Field Roast makes.

Now, this is also a wheat-based product, so it’s not for those avoiding gluten. It’s also low in fat like the chicken and packed with protein.

There’s More

Other products in the No Evil lineup that I can’t wait to try are Pit Boss (vegan barbecue pulled pork) and The Pardon (their vegan holiday roast). They also make a chorizo called El Zapatista, but you already know what I’m going to say about that—great if you love spicy, not so much if you don’t. I also have to mention that I love their packaging and name. It wasn’t lost on me that since this is vegan meat called “No Evil” that they’re low key saying animal-based meat IS evil. And, let’s be real, it is. What’s more, No Evil is giving a portion of its sales from The Pardon to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. YAS!

These products definitely get a strong recommendation from me. If you want to find out if they’re available near you, No Evil has a store locator right on their website. Tried them already? Let us know what you think on social!