12 Vegan-Friendly Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To

12 Vegan-Friendly Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Besides being entertaining, podcasts can be a wonderful way to learn and get inspired. But with so many incredible podcasts in the world, finding the right ones can be a little daunting!

These 12 fantastic vegan-friendly podcasts cover a range of topics, from plant-based health to the animal protection movement. We have scoped each of them out and guarantee they will keep you informed, interested, and motivated.

What are you waiting for? Start listening!

Our Hen House

Want to know what’s going on today in the animal rights movement? Our Hen House features interviews with just about every major player you can think of. Though the shows run a little long (sometimes with as many as four interviews per episode), it’s easy enough to fast-forward to whichever segment you want to hear most. Hop into the hen house today!

The Bearded Vegans Podcast

Each week, bearded buddies Paul Steller and Andy Tabar discuss vegan news and issues, feature product reviews and interviews, and connect with their listeners—also known as “beardos.” Topics cover anything from starting an animal sanctuary to artificial intelligence. Become a beardo today.

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger

While there are plenty of vegan nutrition and food podcasts out there, Dr. Michael Greger’s Nutrition Facts is fantastic. The short episodes are perfect for learning more about any topic related to plant-based nutrition and great for sharing with skeptical family members. Bite into this podcast.

Brown Vegan Podcast

While this podcast is great for any plant-based eater, it is particularly helpful for new vegans. Monique Koch has a friendly “progress over perfection” attitude as she shares recipes, meal-prep tips, shopping advice, and more with her listeners. Start taking notes!

Vegan Abattoir

In this podcast, filmmaker Kevin Smith and his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith, confront stereotypes and answer questions from those interested in plant-based eating. They say the only thing that gets slaughtered in this abattoir is misinformation! Enter the Vegan Abattoir—if you dare.

The Switch4Good Podcast

Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch has teamed up with Baywatch actress and certified health coach Alexandra Paul for the Switch4Good Podcast! Together, they discuss the benefits plant-based eating has on both health and athletic performance. Get inspired.

Plant Proof

Each week, Simon Hill sits down with a range of doctors, athletes, and public figures who share a passion for living a plant-based lifestyle. Touching on topics like nutrition and sustainability, Simon pulls from his extensive research and master’s degree in nutrition to answer your burning questions. Happy learning!

The ChickPeeps

The ChickPeeps is your “friendly, weekly vegan and animal rights podcast.” Hosted by Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis, and Tylor Starr, the podcast focuses on philosophies, questions, and more surrounding a vegan lifestyle. Hang out with your peeps!

The Rich Roll Podcast

In his podcast, author and athlete Rich Roll discusses wellness with diverse guests who are experts in health, fitness, nutrition, art, spirituality, and more. While this podcast isn’t focused on veganism, Rich often mentions his plant-based lifestyle. Meet the experts.

The Jealous Vegan Podcast

This helpful podcast delves into the benefits and challenges of living sustainable plant-based lives. The Jealous Vegan team is composed of four incredible women of color who refer to their podcast and blog as a “progressive plant-based conversation.” Start your dialogue.

The Minimalist Vegan Podcast

This podcast is run by bestselling authors and experienced bloggers Michael and Maša Ofei. Besides veganism, they discuss topics like minimalism, zero waste, and consumerism. Simplify your life today!

The Sentience Institute Podcast

Get ready to learn! In this podcast, Sentience Institute researcher Jamie Harris explores the most effective strategies—politics, corporate campaigns, technological interventions, and more—to encourage empathy for farmed animals. He interviews a range of impressive guests, from social scientists to entrepreneurs. Put on your headphones!

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