All-Vegan Food Bank in Las Vegas Distributes Healthy Food to Those in Need

All-Vegan Food Bank in Las Vegas Distributes Healthy Food to Those in Need

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

A new all-vegan food bank in Las Vegas distributes healthy food to those in need! LasVegan Food Bank relies completely on compassionate volunteers to operate. Last month, in its first official distribution, the food bank gave out nearly 20 boxes of plant-based groceries.

Grocery boxes are distributed every two weeks, and each box contains about 10 meals’ worth of vegan food. So far, LasVegan Food Bank has managed to provide around 900 meals. Anyone in need is welcome to receive food. The food bank’s founder, Mindy Poortinga, stated:

I was concerned about how many people were unemployed and struggling to feed themselves and their families in the Las Vegas area and was wanting to volunteer at a food bank, but [as a vegan] I didn’t feel good about feeding people animal products. I know how our vegan population has grown exponentially in the last few years and wondered if there was a need for a vegan food bank. It turns out there was a huge need for the vegan food bank, and with the help of volunteers, I was able to get ours started.

LasVegan Food Bank relies on donations of food and funds from kind-hearted humans. Click to donate food or money. Click here to volunteer!

More Good News

Hungry for more? This month, New York City received its very first vegan community fridge! The Overthrow Community Fridge is a collaboration of Chilis on Wheels, Overthrow New York, Artists Athletes Activists, Hip Hop is Green, and Vegan Activist Alliance.

Visitors to the Overthrow Community Fridge find items like fresh produce, canned goods, beans, rice, toiletries, clothing, and even educational literature on plant-based eating. The fridge is led by community organizers Power Malu and Eloísa Trinidad. Eloísa is the executive director of Chilis on Wheels New York and a grantee of Mercy For Animals’ pilot grant program, The People’s Fund. In a statement, Eloísa said:

The city and food justice organizations were not considering the health of the community or providing options for vegans, plant-based [folks], or those who simply want to eat healthier. They were hoarding all the resources and funding, while not including the community in the conversation, despite [the demand for] more plant-based foods. They were also not considering pre-existing conditions that can increase the rate of death from COVID-19, [conditions] that are increased by the consumption of animals.

Click here to support the Overthrow Community Fridge!

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