So a Vegan Walks Into a Steakhouse…

So a Vegan Walks Into a Steakhouse…

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

I think I speak for most vegans when I say that a steakhouse is one of the last places we would look for a tasty plant-based meal. And luckily, with all the incredible vegan restaurants and restaurants with fantastic vegan-friendly dishes, we don’t have to… very often.
But sometimes, when dining with family or on the road with limited options, I find myself at a restaurant with (seemingly) no vegan menu items. Here are my tips for how to deal:

• Ask the server.
If the restaurant doesn’t offer any vegan menu items, don’t worry! Just ask the server, “What can you make that’s vegan?” Restaurants want their customers to be happy, and I’ve found that most chefs are willing to whip up something special for their vegan patrons.

• Modify their menu.
Most restaurants offer a few vegan-friendly options in disguise. Lots of vegetarian dishes can be modified by simply omitting the cheese, butter, or eggs. Cheeseless pizza loaded with garlic and veggies, anyone?

• Create your own dish.
You can create your own dish with ingredients on the menu! Think salad and pasta with marinara, baked sweet potato with salsa and avocado, or a grilled veggie sandwich with hummus and hot sauce.

• Sides can save the day.
Make yourself a “side sampler” and grab some seasoned fries, black beans, a side salad, and sautéed mushrooms or veggies with a dinner roll. Or if you’re looking for something a bit healthier, try a plain baked potato topped with steamed veggies.

Want more? Here’s how to eat vegan at your favorite chain restaurants.

*Remember that asking for vegan options at local restaurants is a great way to make sure they offer animal-friendly fare. So be sure to call or send a polite message to the restaurant asking them to provide a healthy plant-based option on the menu.