7 Vegan Burgers to Throw on the Grill!

7 Vegan Burgers to Throw on the Grill!

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

#1.) Quarter Pounder Beet Burger

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?
Beets give this burger its bright red color. And don’t worry — no animals were harmed to make this one!

#2.) Lentil Mushroom Burger

Wow. This looks amazing!

#3.) Carefree Curry Burger

This burger
will definitely spice things up!

#4.) Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger with Chipotle Habanero Mayo

Throw caution to the wind with this scrumptious burger!

#5.) Quinoa and White Bean Burger

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried
this tasty recipe.

#6.) Stuffed Thanksgiving Burger

You read that right. Get the recipe here.

#7.) Baked Eggplant Burger

All of the flavor,
none of the horrific animal abuse.