Saving Nemo: 9 Savory Vegan Seafood Recipes

Saving Nemo: 9 Savory Vegan Seafood Recipes

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  • MFA Volunteer

Fish are friends, not food. But you knew that, right? Science has repeatedly shown us what common sense already tells us: fish feel pain and can suffer.
Check out these 9 delicious recipes and no one gets hurt!
1. Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes

Paired with a tangy remoulade, these will be the stars of the show at your next Sunday brunch.
2. Lobster Bisque

Feeling fancy? Serve this rich, creamy soup at your next dinner party and you’ll wow your guests.
3. New England Glam Chowder

Thick and creamy with hearty mushrooms and chunky carrots, this New England “glam” chowder is comfort food at its finest.
4. Crab Rangoon

This is everything you want and nothing you don’t.
5. Baja “Fish” Tacos

Enjoy these with a margarita and feast by the beach.
6. Caramelized Vegan Scallops in Pasta With a Minted Pea Puree

Wow!! This recipe is seriously impressive.
7. Vegan Salmon Bagel

Yes, please! This classic recipe is made with carrots!
8. Spicy Vegan Shrimp Cakes

Another amazing recipe from Olives for Dinner!
9. San Pedro Style Fish-Less Market Tray

Proof that pretty much anything can be made vegan. Recipe here.
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