Pizza Hut Sold Over 9K Vegan Pizzas in Two Weeks

Sarah Von Alt|
January 18, 2019

In an effort to appeal to the record-breaking number of people participating in Veganuary, Pizza Hut in the U.K. has debuted a special vegan pizza. Made with barbecue jackfruit, dairy-free cheese, sweet corn, red onions, and peppers, the Jack ’N’ Ch**se Pizza is topped with a savory barbecue drizzle.

When the pizza launched, Pizza Hut promised to make it a permanent menu item if sales hit 10,000 pizzas by the end of January.

Just two weeks in, Pizza Hut U.K. shared an image on Facebook, exclaiming:

“WOAH! So close to the 10,000 target. Just need 400 more orders and our Vegan Jack ’N’ Ch**se will be added as a permanent menu item.”

Vegan-o-meter Week 2

WOAH! So close to the 10,000 target 😎🌱🍕Just need 400 more orders & our Vegan Jack 'N' Ch**se will be added as a permanent menu item 🙌

Posted by Pizza Hut Restaurants UK on Monday, January 14, 2019


We think it’s safe to say that this will become a year-round addition!

But this isn’t the chain’s first vegan menu item. In 2017, Pizza Hut began offering vegan cheese from Violife throughout the U.K. The Vegan Jack ’N’ Ch**se joins Pizza Hut’s two other vegan pies—the Vegan Veggie Pizza and Vegan Margherita Pizza.

While Pizza Hut in the U.S. doesn’t yet offer dairy-free cheese, the chain should consider adding vegan pizzas to its menus around the globe. Click here to leave a polite message on Pizza Hut’s Facebook page asking them to roll out this exciting new option at a location near you!

As people find out about the animal cruelty and environmental degradation inherent in dairy production, they’re eating more vegan foods. Fortunately, with all the great dairy alternatives already on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus, there’s never been a better time to try plant-based eating.

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