From Soul Food to Salads, Here Are 15 Times Lizzo Was a Vegan Queen on TikTok

From Soul Food to Salads, Here Are 15 Times Lizzo Was a Vegan Queen on TikTok

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

When it comes to TikTok, Lizzo is that vegan! The rapper, singer, and actress has made a habit of posting delicious plant-based recipes for her 12.4 million followers. From decadent vegan soul food to colorful salads, here are 15 times Lizzo was a true vegan queen on TikTok:

1. The Time She Enjoyed a Nigerian Feast


@adukecuisine hooked up the vegan feast it was WORTH IT! Haven’t had Nigerian food in years— thank you queen!!!

♬ original sound – lizzo

In this video, Lizzo savors a spread of mouth-watering food from Aduke Nigerian Cuisine, a restaurant in Los Angeles that specializes in authentic Nigerian food and offers many plant-based options.

2. The Time She Whipped Up Cheesy Enchiladas


Made cheesy vegan enchiladas Alex Mayo style 🤤

♬ Mmmh – Milah B

This recipe includes making enchilada sauce from scratch and sprinkling Beyond Beef across layers of tortillas and other ingredients. After baking it to perfection, Lizzo says the dish is “the most delicious thing” she’s ever had.

3. The Time She Celebrated Her First Plant-Based Holiday


My first 100% plant based holiday meal is typing…

♬ original sound – lizzo

Lizzo’s first vegan holiday feast includes creamy mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Brussels sprouts, and a lovely roast.

4. The Time She Taught Us How to Make Jam


JAM— just in time for fall!

♬ Jam – Michael Jackson

Lizzo starts this video by cooking Beyond Meat sausage and adding it to her fluffy homemade biscuits. She then drizzles her masterpiece with a luscious jam made with blueberries, cinnamon, brown sugar, white sugar, and lemon.

5. The Time She Mixed ASMR with Southern Fried Cooking




In her most soothing voice, Lizzo shows off her “Southern fried delicacy” of salad, biscuits and gravy, and fried “chicken.”

6. The Time She Made a Soul Food Cupcake


I DID IT 😫 #soulfoodcupcake

♬ original sound – Makayla

What is a plant-based soul food cupcake, you ask? It is a cupcake made from corn bread, mashed potatoes, and vegan fried chicken, drizzled with gravy. Ooh-la-la!

7. The Time She Made Us Crave Jackfruit Enchiladas



♬ You Got It – Vedo

Lizzo whips up enchiladas by layering fried tortillas with seasoned jackfruit; dairy-free cheddar cheese; and a sauce made from creamy soup, garlic, and green chilis.

8. The Time She Fell in Love with Takis


Lizzo vs Takis jalapeños 🥵

♬ Hot Cheetos & Takis – Y.N.Richkids

This creative recipe involves stuffing jalapeños with homemade vegan cream cheese and dipping them in a seasoned batter. Lizzo then sprinkles her creation with smashed Takis (rolled corn chips) and fries them. Yum!

9. The Time She Mastered Jackfruit


Baby’s first jackfruit ! I feel like I can cook anything bitch 😎

♬ Smoothie – Sevvans

Lizzo shows the world how to cook jackfruit! She starts by chopping up jackfruit “meat” before boiling, seasoning, and popping it in a bag for later use.

10. The Time She Shared What She Eats in a Day


🍃 as a new vegan im enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant based proteins! Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated

♬ Wii – Mii Channel – Super Guitar Bros

Her tasty eats include a green breakfast smoothie, a vibrant kale salad, and mushrooms balls.

11. The Time She Knew Exactly What to Do with Vegan Carne Asada


Stuggletilla 🥴

♬ Then Leave – BeatKing

After making her own tortillas—or flatbread—Lizzo mixes up some vegan carne asada, onions, plant-based queso, pepper jack cheese, and spinach. She finishes by whipping up an accompanying dish of corn, black beans, cilantro, and vegan butter.

12. The Time She Made Vegan Frank and Beans


Disclaimer: both tweets are cool w me! (Do not come for them please n thank u love u) 🥴 ps… it was delicious

♬ original sound – lizzo

In this recipe, Lizzo combines baked beans with red onion, chopped veggie hot dog, and vegan bacon—while singing, “I made vegan frank and beans!” She rounds out the meal with a homemade spritzer and fresh salad with strawberries.

13. The Time She Showed Us Ice Cream Bread


Bought some @benandjerrys and made some vegan ice cream bread … ✊🏾 it’s good but I’m gonna make it into French toast for brunch

♬ Ice Me Out – Kash Doll

In this creative recipe, Lizzo mixes vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with flour to make a paste. She spreads the mixture onto a greased baking pan, pops it in the oven, bakes it, and eventually pulls out supersoft bread.

14. The Time She Outdid McDonald’s


Vegan spicy Mcchicken idgaf that shit was hittin hoooooo

♬ Vibe (aesthetic) – nick

In this video, Lizzo bakes plant-based nuggets sprinkled with RedHot seasoning and puts them on a toasted bun with vegan mayo and iceberg lettuce. Served with sweet potato waffle fries, the sandwich is a delicious, vegan version of a fast-food classic.

15.The Time She Said Eating Vegan Was “Easy”


Might do a what I eat in a day vid because I feel like us fat queens need to represent 🤤

♬ original sound – lizzo

This TikTok video is the first time Lizzo refers to herself as vegan! She also reveals her favorite plant-based “hangover food,” which involves JUST Egg, corn, black beans, and carne asada.

By sharing her plant-based creations with her millions of followers, Lizzo is helping show the world how tasty and easy vegan food can be. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram!

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Cover Photo Credit: Raph_PHCC by 2.0, LizzoBrixt06Nov19-10