Exclusive Interview: Chef Babette Davis Talks New Live Show

Exclusive Interview: Chef Babette Davis Talks New Live Show

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Chef Babette Davis—co-owner of vegan restaurant Stuff I Eat—recently launched a live show called Sunday Bites & Tidbits. Debuting on the Jane Unchained News Network, Sunday Bites & Tidbits is hosted by Chef Babette and director, producer, and actress Terrah Bennett Smith. The duo invites guests on the show to discuss everything from personal vegan journeys to plant-based nutrition and so much more.

Chef Babette is a well-loved pillar of the vegan community. Her restaurant, which is in Inglewood, California, and serves favorites like the Organic Soul Food Platter and the Lava Burrito, is known for being the first vegan restaurant in the area.

Eager to hear more about her exciting new venture, we sat down with Chef Babette to get the dish on Sunday Bites & Tidbits:

What inspired you to create your new live program, Sunday Bites & Tidbits?

As we age, so many believe that it’s time to sit still and basically throw in the towel. We become dormant and are either unable to move due to illness or simply don’t feel like it. We believe in the medication we are given and continue to eat the same way we have for years, which is why we most likely are on the medications. Sunday Bites & Tidbits and hosts Terrah Bennett Smith and I have joined forces to show that age IS nothing but a number, and when you take care of yourself inside and out, you can still do pretty much anything you did 20–30 years ago. To quote one of our guests, “Badass Vegan” (John Lewis) stated: “We come into this world looking like our parents, but we go out looking like our decisions.” We want to inspire people to change their decisions, which will change their outcome.

Tell us a little about previous guests on the program and how you chose them.

We have had Tabitha Brown, John Salley, Genesis Butler, Silvia Mathis, Dominick Thompson, Badass Vegan, and so many more. We choose guests who cover the gamut—new and old vegans, from everyday people to well-known personalities. Most of our episodes not only cover plant-based diets, but also the mind, body, and spirit. If you are a healthy vegan but have a tortured mind or spirit, then you cannot possibly be living your best life. 

What are some of your favorite topics from the show so far?

Just hearing how people have cured themselves by going plant-based and some of the awesome skincare cures, recipes, and overall health tips.

Who can we look forward to seeing in future episodes?

The month of August is our alternative medicine series. We will chat with plant-based physicians, nutritionists, and so on. After that, we are doing the Everyday People vegan series, in addition to recipes, giveaways, workouts, meditation, and changing your habit challenges.

How can folks watch your show?

Currently, we’re live Sundays at 6 p.m. Pacific on Facebook and YouTube.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Coming soon, we are launching virtual cooking classes, Bites & Tidbits, empowerment and fitness workshops, and summits. Our goal is to help others redesign their lives and get healthy no matter what age. We are gearing up to take our virtual show on the road, as well as open a facility called Reclaim Haven.

For ongoing updates on Chef Babette’s projects, make sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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