I Tried Chobani’s New Vegan Yogurt. Here’s What I Thought.

Sarah Von Alt|
February 8, 2019

Vegan yogurt is more popular than ever. Adding to the many products from completely vegan brands, big-name makers of dairy yogurt have begun rolling out dairy-free offerings to an increasingly plant-based market.

In January, Greek yogurt brand Chobani made headlines when it announced a dairy-free line of yogurt products made from coconut cream, now available at grocers across the U.S. Chobani offers five flavors of dairy-free yogurt cups and four flavors of yogurt drinks.

I was finally able to pick up a few flavors last weekend. First off, I love the packaging. The cute little green cup is fun and really makes you feel like you’re getting a treat. And with less sugar than most vegan yogurt cups, it’s a treat you can feel good about. Here are the flavors I tried:

  • Slightly Sweet Plain: OK, so this yogurt is super smooth and silky, with a very light coconut flavor and a hint of sweetness. It would be great with granola or your favorite cereal.
  • Blueberry: The blueberry flavor is mild but delicious nonetheless. I’d put this over some fresh fruit, like bananas and strawberries.
  • Peach: Very good! This flavor was my favorite and the one I would most likely buy again. The peach and subtle coconut flavors pair perfectly!

These new offerings are not only a delicious alternative to dairy-based yogurt; they are widely available and sure to make plant-based eating easier for the millions of people moving away from dairy.

And it’s not just Chobani. More big players in the yogurt industry are launching vegan options. In December, Danone—the world’s largest yogurt maker—announced it would add a vegan yogurt line called Good Plants under its Light & Fit brand. The company also announced a new vegan line of Oikos, a popular brand of Greek yogurt, coming to retailers in 2019.

With the growing number of delicious dairy-free products already available at grocers far and wide, there’s never been a better time to move away from dairy. For fabulous plant-based recipes, lifestyle advice, and more, order a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today.

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