How to Be a Vegan Hungry Man on the Cheap

How to Be a Vegan Hungry Man on the Cheap

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Affordability is a big concern for many people considering a vegan diet, so I write a lot about eating on a budget. But a few weeks ago my partner mentioned that there were a lot of people with a much larger appetite than mine and it might be wise to write up some tips just for them. (Good idea, babe!)

First off, let me say that some of the most affordable foods on the planet are vegan, including rice, beans, legumes, pasta, and all kinds of fruits and veggies. But if you’re super active, or just constantly hungry, here are a few tips for staying satisfied on a vegan diet without breaking the bank:

• Dry beans are worth the wait.

Sure, you have to soak them overnight, but dry beans are exponentially cheaper than canned. They’re also a delicious, protein-packed essential in a budget-friendly vegan diet. Short on time? Lentils and yellow split peas don’t require soaking and they’re delicious.

• Get into oatmeal.

Yeah, oatmeal is a super vegan hack. It’s filling, loaded with iron and calcium, and one of the cheapest things you can eat for breakfast.

• Try smoothies.

Find a vegan protein powder you like and blend it with soy milk and frozen fruit for a delicious source of plant-based protein.

Eat more peanut butter.

Ha-ha! I know this sounds basic AF, but peanut butter is a very affordable protein-dense (read: satisfying) food that can be eaten in a variety of ways, both savory and sweet.

And here are a few more tips for ANYONE eating vegan on a budget:

• Buy it frozen.

Buying frozen fruits and veggies is a great way to ensure you waste less food (since they take so much longer to spoil). They also tend to be cheaper than their fresh counterparts.

• Stick with produce under $2 per pound.

When choosing fresh fruits and veggies, try to stick with items under $2/lb.

• Cook in bulk.

Consider making a big pot of soup or chili on Sunday and eating the leftovers for lunch or dinner that week. Cooking in bulk reduces costs and saves you time (and time is money!).

If you’re still feeling hungry, you’re probably not eating enough calories. Many people who ditch meat find they need to increase the amount of food they eat, since animal products tend to be higher in calories.

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