Here’s How to Eat Vegan at Your Favorite International Restaurants
Here’s How to Eat Vegan at Your Favorite International Restaurants

Here’s How to Eat Vegan at Your Favorite International Restaurants

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Plant-based dishes are common around the globe. You can stop by almost any international restaurant for a tasty meatless meal!

Chow down on savory bean tacos or corn tamales. If you’re really hungry, grab a potato and rice burrito crammed with roasted veggies and salsa. Don’t forget a side of tortilla chips and fresh guacamole!

Look out for lard in beans, tamales, and baked goods.

Start with a side of veggie spring rolls or dumplings, and then take your pick from a wide variety of rice or noodle dishes with vegetables and tofu. Sauce and spice it all to your liking!

Look out for eggs in fried rice and noodle dishes.

Feast on fresh salad, breadsticks, and a plate of pasta marinara, primavera, or pomodoro. Or order a cheeseless pie with your favorite veggie toppings.

Look out for hidden meat or dairy in pasta sauce.

Middle Eastern
Try a falafel pita pocket with veggies and tahini. Still hungry? Grab a side of grape leaves, seasoned lentils and rice, or baked pita dipped in delicious hummus or baba ghanoush.

Look out for tzatziki sauce (it’s made with yogurt).

Enjoy a samosa and take your pick from an array of dishes packed with veggies, lentils, or chickpeas smothered in mouthwatering curries. And if you find yourself at a South Indian restaurant, be sure to try a dosa!

Look out for cream and ghee (this clarified butter can easily be left out or substituted with margarine or oil).

Sushi time! Try some delicious veggie rolls stuffed with avocado, cucumber, carrots, and more. Grab some crispy vegetable tempura or steamed edamame, or try a soba or udon noodle dish.

Look out for hidden seafood, including dashi—a Japanese stock often made with dried fish.

Ethiopian cuisine offers tons of vegetarian options and rarely uses dairy and eggs!
Try a variety of traditionally vegan dishes, including mesir wot. This spicy lentil dish made with berbere, a popular Ethiopian spice, is served with teff-based injera flatbread.

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