11 Black Vegan Activists Who Are Passionate About Helping Animals and People

11 Black Vegan Activists Who Are Passionate About Helping Animals and People

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Looking to learn, grow, and be inspired? We’ve compiled a list of 11 incredible Black vegan activists who are passionate about helping animals and people. Make sure you follow them on Instagram!

Jasmine C. Leyva


Filmmaker and actress Jasmine C. Leyva produced a feature-length documentary called The Invisible Vegan. On top of following Jasmine’s personal vegan story, it dives into the connection between plant-based eating and African roots. The film also explores how oppression has contributed to the way many Black Americans eat today.

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Genesis Butler


On social media, Genesis describes herself as “just a Black, Indigenous, Mexican teen fighting for animals, humans, and Earth.” The impressive 15-year-old has been an outspoken animal advocate for much of her childhood. Genesis isn’t afraid to stand up against other injustices either and proudly supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Grey is a hip-hop artist who is passionate about encouraging his community to eat healthier plant-based foods. In 2016, Grey launched Plant Based Drippin as a resource to teach people how to start eating more vegan food. According to its website, Plant Based Drippin promotes a “health-conscious lifestyle with a splash of flavor.”

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Torre Washington


Torre Washington is a bodybuilder, public speaker, and 23-year vegan who uses his expertise in health and fitness to inspire fitness through plant-based living. His website offers nutritional guides and plant-based health advice for men and women.

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Intelligent Allah


Intelligent Allah went vegan while serving 18.5 years in prison. During that time, he also became a bestselling author, a New York Times bestselling editor, and a college graduate. He now co-owns a vegan clothing boutique called uswear with his partner. His brand is committed to representing marginalized communities.

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Jessica Carter


Recipe developer and wellness educator Jessica Carter is passionate about making vegan eating more accessible to all. She is the director of programming at the Afro-Vegan Society, and her brand, Love Vegan Soul, explores plant-based flavors and traditions from around the world.

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Dr. A. Breeze Harper


Dr. A. Breeze Harper is a vegan, keynote speaker, and trainer who uses her more than 16 years of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) training to consult on antiracism. Learn more about her incredible work here.

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LaRayia Gaston


LaRayia Gaston is the founder of Lunch on Me, a nonprofit in Los Angeles that brings meals to 10,000 people on Los Angeles’ Skid Row every month. She recently opened a store called LaRayia’s Bodega in an effort to bring healthy, affordable plant-based foods to communities in need.

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Jenné Claiborne


Jenné Claiborne is a vegan chef and an author whose popular YouTube channel and blog—both called Sweet Potato Soul—offer recipes and tips for people going plant-based. She hopes for the vegan movement to become more inclusive: “I think it would be helpful for all of us to just be more inclusive and truthful to that inclusivity, not just trying to make sure you’re checking off boxes.”

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Persia White


Persia White is not just an extremely talented actress, filmmaker, musician, and artist; she is co-producer of the groundbreaking documentary Earthlings—a film that has made countless viewers rethink their choices. She continues to be an outspoken advocate for both animals and humans.

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John Salley


John Salley is a former NBA player who has been vegan for around 30 years. He is a strong proponent of living a plant-based lifestyle and has even teamed up with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to ask Congress to offer more vegetarian options in public schools.

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