8 Incredible Facts That Prove Cows Are Too Sweet to Eat

Sarah Von Alt|
October 23, 2015

1. Cows like to sleep close to their families, and their sleeping arrangements reflect their respective rankings in the social hierarchy.

2. Cows have great memories, and can learn and respond to their names.

3. Like humans, cows form close friendships. They choose to spend much of their time with two to four preferred companions.

4. Cows get excited when they solve problems, and have a similarly happy response to being released after a long period of confinement.

5. The first few minutes after birth can mark the beginning of a lifelong bond between a mother cow and her calf. Cows carry their young for nine months and they suckle them for nine to twelve months,
much like human mothers.

6. Cows love music! A quick Google search will easily garner dozens of videos showing musicians serenading appreciative cows. Click here for a few of our favorites.

7. Research shows that a mother cow’s calls are individualized—she has a different call for each of her calves.

8. Cows can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years! And the oldest recorded cow, Big Bertha, lived to be 48!!

While cows have demonstrated that they are intelligent,
sensitive creatures deserving of protection, factory farmers treat them as meat- and milk-producing machines.
The best thing you can do to protect cows and other animals is to leave meat and other animal products off your plate. Click here for more information on transitioning to a humane vegan diet.

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