7 Incredible Black-Owned Vegan Businesses You Can Support Right Now

7 Incredible Black-Owned Vegan Businesses You Can Support Right Now

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  • Mercy For Animals

ChooseVeg is honored to partner with so many Black-owned vegan businesses that are creating a more compassionate world through delicious and innovative vegan products—from nacho cheese to marshmallow creme. Here are some of our ChooseVeg partners whose products ship nationwide!

1. Maya’s Cookies


What better way to treat that special someone for a special occasion than with a box of gourmet plant-based cookies? Maya’s Cookies offers award-winning cookies in a variety of delightful flavors inspired by owner Maya Madsen’s travels, memories, and experiences. Our personal favorites include birthday cake, chocolate chip s’mores, and white chocolate macadamia nut. The company ships nationwide and offers lovely packaging options for all occasions.

2. MylkDog


This might be cheesy, but we think our friends at Mylkdog make the tastiest nacho cheese around! The dairy-free cheese sauce is a mealtime favorite, used as a dipping sauce or an addition to some favorite plant-based recipes (think burritos, mac and cheese, burgers, and more!). If that wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering, Mylkdog’s cheese comes in two varieties, original and spicy queso, and is available for nationwide shipping.

3. Funky Mello


Funky Mello’s NEW marshmallow cremes are a fun and tasty way to shake up snack time. Available in three funky flavors—Vivacious vanilla, Satisfying strawberry, and Creamy cookie—there’s an option for every palate! Additionally, all Funky Mellow’s flavors are free of gluten, free of the top eight allergens, and available for online order.

4. PowerBites!


Protein-packed snacks from PowerBites! are the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. These mighty vegan bites are gluten-free and made with simple ingredients, such as fair-trade dark chocolate, dates, almond butter, maple syrup, and cacao. What’s more, PowerBites! donates a percentage of all sales to public school teachers, so you can give the gift that keeps on giving! Visit the company’s website for more information, including the option to ship nationwide.

5. Atlas Monroe


Atlas Monroe, a Black-woman-owned company, whips up delectable plant-based proteins, such as award-winning crispy fried chicken, cured bacon, and deep-fried stuffed turkey. These proteins are not just tasty but all natural and made with non-GMO wheat and rice. Craving more? Visit Atlas Monroe’s website to check out the rest of the company’s droolworthy products!

6. Better Chew


Based in Oakland, California, Better Chew offers a variety of plant-based meats created by Chef GW Chew. From extra-crispy fried chicken to Southern-style fried fish, Better Chew’s products are sure to satisfy any soul-food craving. The fried chicken, fried fish, and more are available for purchase online at the company’s website and GTFO It’s Vegan.

7. Southern Roots Bakery


We love Southern Roots Bakery’s array of heavenly plant-based sweets—moist bundt cakes, jumbo cupcakes, and more. This Texas bakery offers so many incredible treats, you’ll have a tough time choosing! Our personal favorite is Mary Lee’s Lemon Cake, inspired by the sweet grandmother and taste tester of co-owner Cara Pitts. To learn more about Southern Roots Bakery and to browse their lovingly crafted desserts, visit their website.

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