Here Are 5 Tips to Make Your Plant-Based Thanksgiving a Success

Here Are 5 Tips to Make Your Plant-Based Thanksgiving a Success

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

Whether you’re hosting your own feast or headed to a family member’s place, here are five tips that will help you have a great time and be an amazing advocate for animals.

#1. Call the Host in Advance

Let the host know that you’re eating vegan. Most hosts will be happy to provide a tasty veggie dish for you.

#2. Bring Something Delicious

It’s probably a good idea to bring your own “main dish.” Try a store-bought vegan roast or any of these delicious recipes for impressive main dishes. Also, consider bringing a side dish or dessert to share. Think stuffing, mashed potatoes, or pumpkin pie.

#3. Avoid Tricky Conversations

While you’re eating is probably the worst time to explain to someone why you’re eating differently. If someone asks you a question about your diet, offer to speak to him or her afterwards.

#4. Consider Hosting

Hosting your own plant-based Thanksgiving can be a bit more work, but guarantees you’ll have plenty to eat! It’s also an amazing opportunity to show friends and family that you don’t need to eat animals to have a decadent holiday feast!

#5. Have Fun!

Set a good example by having fun! Friends and family are much more likely to take veganism seriously when they see that you’re having a great time and enjoying fabulous food.

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