23 Instagram Pics That Prove NYC Has Better Vegan Food Than LA

23 Instagram Pics That Prove NYC Has Better Vegan Food Than LA

  • Joe Loria
  • Joe Loria

People from Los Angeles
think their city has the 
best vegan food, but anyone who has ever lived in New York knows that’s not the truth.
For one, they think they have the best vegan donuts, but no…

And how about just sweets in general…

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There’s nothing better than a good New York hot dog or slice of pizza!

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We also have a vegan party every week called Vegan Shop-Up!

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We even have our own all-vegan bar!

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And let’s not forget the dozens of amazing vegan restaurants,
diners, and food trucks throughout the city, like…

Chickpea & Olive

Champs Diner

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by Chloe.

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Beyond Sushi

V Spot

Mother of Pearl

LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

Toad Style

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Candle 79

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Seasoned Vegan

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Avant Garden

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With cuisine from around the world, it’s clear that New York’s vegan scene is the best!
Then again, isn’t everything from New York better?
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