Meet the Mastermind Behind MylkDog, a Vegan Nacho Cheese Company

Meet the Mastermind Behind MylkDog, a Vegan Nacho Cheese Company

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Each month, we will highlight the incredible work of a small Black-owned company making amazing vegan products. For March, we are thrilled to partner with MylkDog!

Founded by San Diego native Bethovan Enhancing, MylkDog offers plant-based cheese in two flavors: Original Notcho Cheez and Spicy Fiesta Queso. MylkDog’s products are made with only 11 ingredients and are completely free of dairy, gluten, and soy. Creamy and flavorful, MylkDog cheese is great on tacos, nachos, pizza, chili, and whatever else your heart desires!

Bethovan Enhancing was kind enough to share some of the secrets behind his incredible products. See what he had to say!

What is your name, where are you from, and what is your relationship to MylkDog?

My name is Bethovan Enhancing. I am the founder and owner of MylkDog LLC. We’re located in sunny San Diego, California, where I am from.

What first interested you in plant-based eating, and how has going plant-based impacted your health?

I suffered from eczema, blotchy skin, and lesions on my forehead. In an effort to find a solution, I searched for homeopathic ways to heal my body from the inside out. Trying herbs and working out, I discovered veganism. Veganism was introduced to me through an article I read entitled “Protein Propaganda.”

The lifestyle of being vegan that I follow has restored my skin completely. My life has been impacted by my food choices and lifestyle in a positive way, especially my spiritual life. It is important for me to elevate my health. The plant-based diet helps bring clarity.

What advice would you give men who would like to go plant-based but are afraid?

If men are going to go plant-based, there are some key factors to consider. You will not lose the protein needed to have the physique you desire. Although meat provides you with protein, it also increases your chances of developing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

As an avid vegan and personal trainer, I learned through studying the body that meat decreases blood flow throughout the body and causes uric acid to build. This affects a man’s body over time. It causes testosterone levels to decrease significantly. This can affect men’s sexual organs and physical performance. That alone can be a great reason to change your diet.

Overall, a whole-food plant-based lifestyle will provide you with the necessary amino acids and minerals to maintain optimal health.

What inspired you to create MylkDog?

Growing up, I experienced the effects of digesting cow’s milk, and the outcome was health problems and skin problems. My sons are my inspiration to live a healthy life. I didn’t want my sons to experience the detrimental effects of dairy as I did. I refused to allow them to consume the cow’s mucus that’s in milk-derived products. Therefore, I decided to create a great-tasting plant-based cheese. MylkDog’s name came from my niece, because her favorite animal is a dog and the vegan derivative of “milk” is spelled “mylk,” so I joined the two words and titled our vegan cheese MylkDog.

What is your favorite way to enjoy MylkDog?

There are many ways that I enjoy MylkDog Cheez:

  1. Nachos
  2. Macaroni and cheese
  3. Tacos
  4. Chili mac
  5. Dip
  6. Burgers

What are some of the best ways the vegan community can help small plant-based businesses thrive?

The vegan community at large can demand that the products be on the shelves of local and national chain stores, share the social media promotions for the businesses, follow the companies on social media, interact with the brands by sharing positive stories of how they use the products, refer other consumers to try the products, and write the businesses with suggestions on where they would like to see the product. Most of all, they can share their experiences on social media and tag the businesses.

For business owners within the plant-based business community, I’m a firm believer that collaborating with other vegan businesses at pop-up events and via social media is a great and effective way to support each other.

Do you have any favorite vegan brands you wish more people knew about?

  1. Oat Butter Brand
  2. Centric Eats
  3. Spoiled Vegans
  4. Vayo
  5. Veg’n Out
  6. Maya’s Cookies
  7. Today’s Menu Vegan Eatery
  8. More Life Liquid

Is there anything you would like to add?

We are put on this earth to give and to serve!


What are you waiting for? Head over to MylkDog’s website and order the perfect vegan cheese for your next nacho fix!

You can also keep up with exciting new products and promotions by following MylkDog on Instagram.