Famed Anthropologist Jane Goodall Releases Vegan Cookbook

Famed Anthropologist Jane Goodall Releases Vegan Cookbook

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

Jane Goodall just released her very first cookbook—and it is completely plant-based! Known for her work studying the behaviors of wild chimpanzees, Jane Goodall is a passionate advocate for animals, the environment, and human rights. Her new vegan cookbook, #EATMEATLESS: Good for Animals, the Earth & All, offers around 80 animal-free recipes that are healthy, delicious, and inspiring.

Released by the Jane Goodall Institute on March 23, the cookbook offers a range of plant-based recipes, from appetizers and main courses to desserts. Readers will also discover a forward written by Goodall and beautiful quotes from her throughout the book.

Goodall’s reason for releasing the book is clear: She wants people to help animals and the planet by eating more plant-based meals. She said in a statement:

It’s becoming more and more clear that the obsession with eating meat and dairy products and eggs is totally destroying the environment.


In alignment with the book release, the Jane Goodall Institute also launched a new campaign called #IEatMeatless! The campaign encourages people to think critically about the negative effects eating meat has on the planet and animals. Those who participate will sign their names to a pledge:

I pledge to make an effort to say #IEatMeatLess with my words and actions, reflecting on how my dietary decisions affect the planet. I am committed to reducing my meat consumption, and thereby reducing the negative impact my food choices have on the environment, and other humans and animals, both locally and worldwide.

To promote the campaign and cookbook, the Jane Goodall Institute shared a recipe from the book for cauliflower and pumpkin seed tacos! Swipe for recipe details in the Instagram post below.

Hungry for more? Click HERE to order the book, and make sure to follow the Jane Goodall Institute on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also listen to Goodall discuss her life and mission with changemakers from around the world on her podcast, Hopecast.

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