Exclusive Interview with The Tiny Chef, the World’s Tiniest Plant-Based Chef

Exclusive Interview with The Tiny Chef, the World’s Tiniest Plant-Based Chef

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

If you haven’t fallen in love with The Tiny Chef, you just haven’t met him yet. The Tiny Chef creates the world’s tiniest dishes for the world’s tiniest cooking show—and they’re all plant-based! From his garden tree stump, he is on a mission to inspire a love for cooking in children of all ages. While he won’t reveal exactly where he comes from, he says he “comes from the earth” and makes his home “wherever his heart is.”

His first video, “Apple Pie,” delighted online viewers in September 2018. Since then, The Tiny Chef has developed an impressive social media presence, boasting over half a million Instagram followers and over two million YouTube views. He’s even collaborated with major brand Beyond Meat to whip up hearty burgers.

Aside from cooking delicious plant-based foods, The Tiny Chef loves to entertain his followers by playing his tiny banjo and offering children’s games and a tutorial on making your own tiny apron on his website.

We were lucky enough to speak with The Tiny Chef and have him answer a few of our questions. Here’s what he had to say:

We are so excited to be speaking with you! How did you first become interested in plant-based cooking?

Dats an abshowutewy blamazing queschun. I’ve aways cooked wif plants and blegatables, but jusht to be cwear I alsho cook wif fwuitsh, nutsh, casheeeeews, cloconut miwk, and sheeeeedsh.

What is your favorite recipe to make in your tiny kitchen?

Blegaful Shew (which you can find in da back of da blook) is wifout a doubt my favowite weshipee for da month of Shleptembew.

Where does your love for animals come from?

I have shoooo many manimal fwens and i lub dem shosho mush i wud neber hurt them fankyiu.

What are three things you hope children (and adults!) take away from watching The Tiny Chef Show?

Blawaysh cook fwom da heart, en twy new fingsh becush you never kneow wut you clapable of unwesh you do.

We heard you teamed up with Kristen Bell and Imagine Entertainment! What can we expect to see next from The Tiny Chef Show?

Blell, ash you pwobabwy know, wite now i’m making sho mipinny esh shafe en dish pandemic but miss splefanie and blimagine and my fwend kweesten saysh we have a blot to coookup shhooooon.

Can’t get enough of The Tiny Chef? Check out his website, and follow The Tiny Chef on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also learn how to make your own plant-based dishes by downloading our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.