Celebrate AAPI Month by Following These 13 Vegan Influencers and Foodies on Instagram

Celebrate AAPI Month by Following These 13 Vegan Influencers and Foodies on Instagram

  • Hannah Bugga
  • Hannah Bugga

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’ve compiled a list of 13 plant-based AAPI influencers that are so incredible everyone should be following them! From cooking mouthwatering vegan meals to caring for animals, these influencers will keep you coming back for more. While there are countless plant-based Asian influencers to fall in love with, this list is a great start:



Not only does George Lee create the most tempting vegan Taiwanese recipes, but he does it with so much enthusiasm you will instantly be hooked. Even more impressive? George is only 19 years old! Follow him at chez.jorge.

The Viet Vegan


The Viet Vegan—also known as Lisa—refers to herself as “a vegan, a nerd, and a feminist.” She makes incredible Vietnamese dishes (as well as other types of food!) from scratch, and she isn’t afraid to speak out against racism and injustice.

Cruelty-Free Charcuterie


Kat Magsaysay is a master of vegan charcuterie boards! She says she loves creating “delicious party spreads” and lives for a “grammable food moment.” Follow her if you adore beautiful plant-based food!



Ted and Gen Lai are a father-daughter duo sharing their plant-based food adventures. They also host a podcast together called Asian American History 101.



Aman Kanwar is a vegan traveling vet who posts adorable images of the animals he helps. He also speaks on LGBTQ+ issues and often shares the many reasons why he is plant-based.

Nisha Balsara


From recipes to advice, Nisha Balsara’s social media pages and YouTube channel are about making the transition to plant-based eating as easy as possible. She says she wants to be a supportive voice for you on your journey to eating more healthily and ethically.”

Chef Reina


Chef Reina Montenegro was born in the Philippines and currently resides in the Bay Area. Self-taught in the kitchen, she now works as a vegan chef and caterer. You can find her mouthwatering recipes on her Instagram page!

Vegan Richa


My husband and I are absolutely obsessed with the plant-based Indian recipes of Vegan Richa—also known as Richa Hingle. She has several plant-based cookbooks and tons of recipes on her website.

Miyoko Schinner


You know her. You love her. Miyoko Schinner is the founder of Miyoko’s Creamery, which offers incredible vegan butters, cheeses, and more. She’s also an inspiring influencer, so make sure to follow her!

Plant-Based Artist


Sheil Shukla is a Gujarāti American living in Chicago. On top of being a resident physician in internal medicine, he loves experimenting with artistic ways to cook and plate plant-based foods.

Plant-Based on a Budget


Looking to save money and eat well? Toni Okamoto created Plant-Based on a Budget to help make veganism even more accessible and affordable. Her recipes are simple and delicious, and she offers lifestyle advice as well!

Lauren Toyota


Lauren Toyota is a plant-based cookbook author and YouTube personality. Her Instagram page is full of tasty recipes, sneak peeks into her daily life, and pictures of her adorable cat.

Vegan Eats NYC


If you love vegan food and eating out at restaurants, make sure to follow Crystal Pang! Her Instagram account acts as a plant-based guide to New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Feeling inspired? Head on over to Instagram and give them a follow!

You can also support Asian Americans during AAPI Heritage Month and beyond by eating at plant-based Asian restaurants. And if you’re able, consider making a donation to these organizations standing up against hate.