5 People Who Said They Could Never Go Vegan, but Did

5 People Who Said They Could Never Go Vegan, but Did

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

1. Corey

If you’d asked me about veganism 13 years ago, I would have laughed and told you that we’re meant to eat meat! Little did I know then that the more I learned about factory farming and its impact on animals, the environment, and personal health, the more I would lean towards a vegan lifestyle.
Then about six years ago, I made the transition to veganism, and was blessed to find Wishing Well Sanctuary, where I’m now one of the directors.

2. Lindsay

Although I’d been vegetarian for almost 20 years, I often told people I’d never be vegan because I loved cheese too much.
Then after seeing several documentaries at my local health food store, including Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, I knew I had to transition my diet away from dairy and eggs. And just last week, my husband and I watched Earthlings, and it really cemented our decision to eat vegan.

3. Bobby

A few years ago my doctor told me I had a cholesterol problem, and that I should really cut back on the cheese. At the time, it was something I couldn’t even imagine giving up.
While health alone wasn’t enough to motivate me to move towards a vegan diet, after learning about the cruel ways that dairy cows are treated, I realized that my cheese addiction had another victim: animals. I’ve been vegan since.

4. Bianca

In my junior year of college, one of my professors showed a video about factory farms. Although I had been vegetarian briefly in high school, I remember thinking how ridiculous the video would be, and closed my mind about considering veganism before the film even started.
But that day, I realized that making the choice to eat vegan was about so much more than me. One product at a time, I removed animals from my diet, and I’ve never looked back.

5. Tiffany

My family went vegan about a year before me. I had been the stubborn one who thought it was just another silly diet or fad, and I was certain that I could never live without meat, and couldn’t even fathom giving up cheese.
Then I decided to watch Earthlings. I immediately became vegan, and am now the biggest animal advocate in my family!
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