9 Restaurants That Need to Go on Every Vegan’s Bucket List
9 Restaurants That Need to Go on Every Vegan’s Bucket List

9 Restaurants That Need to Go on Every Vegan’s Bucket List

  • Sarah Von Alt
  • Sarah Von Alt

More people are choosing vegan and vegetarian dishes when dining out. Because of this, most cities have incredible restaurants that either are all-vegan or can create fantastic vegan dishes. While you don’t need to book a flight across the world to enjoy amazing animal-free food, the restaurants below are not only all-vegan but true culinary destinations.

1. The Butcher’s Son (Berkeley, CA) 

The Butcher’s Son in Berkeley is known for the amazing plant-based meats used in their home-style favorites, such as the steak and egg hoagie and the fried mozzarella and meatball sub.

2. Vöner (Berlin)

Try a vegan version of a classic local favorite, their signature “voner” kebab, made with savory wheat protein, veggies, and tons of herbs and spices. Plus, it’s roasted on a spit, which is pretty badass.

3. Strong Hearts Cafe (Syracuse, NY)

Strong Hearts Cafe is well-known for their amazing vegan milkshakes, named after notable historical figures and activists! Try the Harriet Tubman—it’s made with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and Oreos!

4. Temple of Seitan (London, U.K.)

Earlier this year, Temple of Seitan, a vegan street-food business, made headlines when it opened London’s (and maybe the world’s) first vegan fried chicken shop!

5. Upton’s Breakroom (Chicago, IL)

Located in the same building where Upton’s Naturals makes its famed seitan and jackfruit, Upton’s Breakroom gives visitors a chance to try some of these mouthwatering products.

6. Beyond Sushi (New York, NY)

With a few locations in Manhattan, Beyond Sushi offers a variety of mouthwatering plant-based sushi rolls, dumplings, and noodle salads. Try a variety of rolls to find your favorite!

7. Red Sparrow Pizza (Melbourne)

Melbourne’s first vegan pizzeria, Red Sparrow Pizza, slings a variety of plant-based pies and has some great salads and desserts. Order the eggplant parmigiana or (vegan) ham and porcini pizza.

8. Kindred (San Diego, CA)

This bar and restaurant in San Diego offers a drool-worthy charcuterie board, the Deli Battle, served with shaved red chili and orange fennel seitan, miso cashew cheese, smoked golden beets, and more.

9. Hogtown Vegan (Toronto)

Known for its southern-style comfort food, Hogtown Vegan’s menu is loaded with hearty favorites. Try the Hogtown burger or the Reuben, and don’t forget the poutine!

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