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A Champion of Breakfast is a trailblazing restaurant chain that offers delicious plant-based variations of their breakfast dishes.

Because everyone deserves a good breakfast.

Some of the most popular breakfast chains in the United States still don’t offer delicious plant-based entrees.

Celebrate Our Champions of Breakfast

Starting September 14, Cracker Barrel will trial plant-based Impossible Sausage on their breakfast menu at nearly 50 locations.

Denny’s has started actively exploring additional plant-based protein items for their breakfast menu, as well as their other menus.


Nathan’s, Long John Silver’s, Panda Express, Baja Fresh, Taco Bell, Little Caesars, and many more leading restaurant chains have added plant-based versions of their most popular entrees to their menus.

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It’s time for family-dining chains Black Bear Diner, Waffle House, and Bob Evans to make plant-based breakfast entrees a reality.

Ask these companies to become Champions of Breakfast

by adding plant-based breakfast entrees to their menus.

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This message will be sent to the leaders of the four breakfast chains:

I was disappointed to learn that your restaurant does not offer a plant-based breakfast entree.

Nathan’s, Long John Silver’s, Baja Fresh, and many other leading restaurant chains have added plant-based versions of their most popular entrees to their menus.

Customers want and expect restaurants to offer menus that are inviting to their whole families. By pioneering a plant-based breakfast entree you can also attract customers who care about animals and the environment.

I want to support restaurants that serve everyone, including people who choose plant-based meals, whether for health, the environment, or animals.

I urge you to become a Champion of Breakfast and commit to introducing a fully plant-based breakfast entree to your menu. My family, my friends, and I will be eager to try it once you do!

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Why Plant-Based?

To help animals:

In the United States, about 9.7 billion land animals are slaughtered for food each year.1 The more that people consume plant-based meals, the lower the demand for animal-based products, which could mean fewer animals suffering at factory farms. When famous breakfast chains expand their plant-based options, customers who eat animal meat are also exposed to these options and are more likely to try plant-based foods and either reduce or replace animal meat in all their meals.

1 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAOSTAT, “Crops and Livestock Products” (search filters: all countries, “Livestock Primary,” “Producing Animals/Slaughtered,” “2017”).
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Ask for a plant-based breakfast.

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