8 Ways to Eat Less Dairy Without Even Trying

Sarah Von Alt|
June 23, 2016
8 Ways to Eat Less Dairy Without Even Trying

MFA’s investigations into dairy farms across the country have revealed cows and calves being mutilated without painkillers, “downed” cows too sick or injured to stand being left to suffer for weeks before dying, and newborn calves being forcibly dragged away from their mothers and killed or sold for veal production.

As a result, more and more people are eating less dairy or ditching it altogether in favor of plant-based foods. Here are 8 easy ways to eat less dairy:

1. Soy lattes, anyone?

Asking for soy (or almond) milk in your coffee is an effortless way to skip the cow’s milk.

2. Order your favorite pizza sans cheese.

Or, if they have it, add vegan cheese. Click here for a list of restaurant chains with dairy-free pizza options.

3. Replace sour cream in tacos and burritos with guacamole.

Creamy, delicious, and another excuse to eat more avocados!

4. Put hummus on bagels.

Tons of bagel spots offer hummus in place of cream cheese. It’s packed with protein, loaded with flavor, and not the result of horrific animal cruelty.

5. Skip the Parmesan and swap in nutritional yeast in your favorite pesto recipe.

Nutritional yeast is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is great on pretty much everything.

6. Try out the new vegan flavors from Ben & Jerry’s.

From Chunky Monkey to Chocolate Fudge Brownie to P.B. and Cookies, these are sure to hit the spot! Read our review here.

7. Use avocados when baking.

What more is there to say? Avocados are not only delicious; they make a great butter replacement in baked goods.

8. Try some of the amazing vegan options on the market.

You really can have it all. From cream cheese to milk to yogurt, the number of delicious vegan products on the market only continues to grow.

Click here for a list of our favorite vegan dairy products.

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