Magnificent Meals

Wondering what to eat? Here are 30 easy, familiar meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Dining Out

Delicious plant-based options are easier to find than ever. International restaurants are particularly great places to find tasty meat-free dishes.

Vegan Mexican Food


Order a savory bean and rice burrito crammed with salsa and fresh guacamole, and don’t forget a side of crunchy tortilla chips!


Start off with a side of spring rolls or dumplings, then take your pick from a wide variety of rice or noodle dishes with vegetables and tofu. Sauce and spice it all to your liking!


Feast on fresh salad, breadsticks, and a plate of pasta with zesty marinara sauce, or order a tomato pie with your favorite vegetable toppings.

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern

Try a deep-fried falafel sandwich, pita and hummus, or a side of grape leaves.


Take your pick from an array of dishes packed with potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, rice, or chickpeas, smothered in spicy tomato or curry sauce.


Fill up on delicious avocado and cucumber sushi rolls or a platter of crispy vegetable tempura.

Eating On the Go

Need something fast? These are just some of the chain restaurants where you can get cheap and tasty plant-based meals.

Taco Bell

Order the Fresco Bean Burrito or Seven Layer Burrito without cheese and sour cream. You can also sub beans or potatoes for meat in any dish.


Make a veggie sub piled sky-high with all the veggies and topped with spicy mustard dressing. Oh, and try the minestrone soup—it’s delicious!


Go for the vegetarian bowl or burrito with guacamole and black or pinto beans. And don’t forget the “Sofritas,” a savory braised tofu blend.


Try the veggie burger (hold the cheese) with a side garden salad. The Fit Fare Veggie Skillet is also a great choice—just ask them to hold the egg whites.


Grab the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad without feta or the black bean or vegetable soup (hold the pesto).

Get Hungry

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